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April 1st, 2008, 09:16
i apologies in andvance if i have posted this message in the wrong area or if this forum does not deal with this sort of request..

anyway my problem is i have a geniune copy of flexisign 7.5v5 with usb dongle i bought this i thinking it was flexisign-pro but it is just flexisign with no rip and print capabilities i was just wondering is there a way to update the actual dongle itself to work with flexisign-pro

thanks you in advance for anyhelp or advice anyone can give

April 1st, 2008, 12:27
Here is another perfect example of a new poster so focused on "what he wants" that he didn't bother to actually READ THE FAQ or follow any of its directions!

There is absolutely no indication that baldwalker has made ANY effort to search on the net for the information he seeks before posting here. And since he didn't, he gets to hear from me!

So baldwalker, did you actually do ANY searching for the answer to this question before you posted it here? Did you even read the company website to see what information they might provide to answer your question? Are you aware that you can simply "upgrade" your software to the "Pro" version through the company???

OR, do you actually mean, without actually saying so, that you want to know if your can "modify" your dongle/program to use the "features" you didn't actually "purchase" ????

Have you actually searched on the net to see if the "current version" of the "Pro" version is "available"? It took me less than two minutes to find what claims to be the "Pro" versions available on the net and various "cracks" and/or "keygens" claiming to work with the "Pro" versions.

Of course you reviewed all this material, before posting, didn't you! That's why you already know that the Pro version is at least at version 8.5 and retails in the range of $4,300.00 U.S. (Although, with a little searching, I did find one place which was claiming to be selling OEM versions of 7.6 v2 for $45.00.

So, baldwalker, if what you were looking for was someone to take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land of a "push-button" solution to your desire to have the fully functional version of your "purchased" software without doing any of your own work, you definitely came to the wrong place.

Now how about you actually READ THE FRIGGIN FAQ, rethink your whole purpose here and then reconsider what you actually posted.

[Edit] a couple more minutes of searching, using "cracking flexisign-pro" (without the quotes) turned up an older tutorial by Goatass on CrackZ' site here, addressing what I am sure is an older version of the protection of this program.

www.woodmann.com/crackz/Tutorials/Goatass1.htm ("http://www.woodmann.com/crackz/Tutorials/Goatass1.htm")

I'm sure with a little more digging, there is more information around, including places claiming to have the current version download available, plus working "fixes." So what's your excuse???