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March 31st, 2008, 02:40
hello all "elites"

first of all, i would to say, a big hello for me, as i'm a noob in this forum
oh yeah, its been a while since i found this sites and found so many interesting tuts, and when i saw a great repository of RCE-CD then i decided to download it (the zip version)
but some files are gone, when i check on the "html version" it still there,
this is the files

lord mistic.zip

please respon. and its true, when i post this tread, i feel so scary that i made a mistakes , yeah you know JMI is truely scary mod for noob like me (i download and read RCE archive update, and finally knew that JMI is a scariest moderator ever, hehehehe )

really sorry for my bad english, my homeland are very very far away (Indonesia)


March 31st, 2008, 07:40

Actually, you have nothing to fear for asking what happened to files listed in the RCE-CD Index which are not actually found on the website.

It appears that these four files were not actually uploaded during our last server rebuild. I have found them in one of my server backups and will upload them back to the server.

Thanks for the heads up.


March 31st, 2008, 08:16
Those four files are now back in the collection. If you, or anyone, finds any other parts of the CD to be missing, please post here and we will try to round them up.

Those four did make it into the "Original RCE-CD Sites," but that's not much help for those like you who wanted to download them and study them at leasure.

And part of my job is to "educate" new posters who come here and fail to actually read our posting rules. When they fail to do that, that usually post a question that clearly shows they have not actually read the FAQ because they have failed to show what, if any, effort they have made to try to help themselves solve their own problem, by searching here and on the net.

If they show some effort to try to help themselves, they have nothing to fear. Not knowing all the answers IS the reason for these Forum. It is a place for a gathering of the "collective wisdom" of many reverse engineers. Nevertheless, it is expected that people will at least attempt to find if an answer already exist to their question, before they post it here.

If they are simply too lazy to search on their own, they generally get reminded that we expect them to do so before they post a question here and to simply tell us they have attempted to find the answer to their question, but were not successful.


March 31st, 2008, 11:27
Alright there are still some files are detected harmful to your computer in lord mystic zip
check it out

April 1st, 2008, 02:59

heh, thanx JMI for the updates, i can download it now
yeah, i think by reading it, i can find "enlightment" for my reversing way, huehehehe.

i dont care if there some malware on that zip, i will throw my AV crap to my garbage (just kiddin')

actually i have my own experiment pc that separate to my "money making" PC,