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November 8th, 2000, 17:14
It was long a go I stoped reading +F's board because useless taks. (Hm this one is probably the same, but I coudn't stand it.)

Well so when Tsehp invited me to the new one, I though AH. One or two weeks will pass and everything will be useless again. BUT man I was wrong.

It's quite nice 'here' again. No 'What are you doing here, ?$%$#%#$' and so on.

I must say Tsehp, your THE man of the year.

Well, nothing intersting, yes. You can delete it. If you want.

I just wanted to say, that I missed knowledge and peace in the board.



P.S. Tsehp only one and a half sections to go.

November 8th, 2000, 17:27
Thanks mostek,
don't forget, I'm not alone on this. I was greatly helped by :
1-Carpathia that saved very fast the messageboard when itw closed the account.
2-Amante4 and sandman , they accepted to join this with me and
help me moderate this regroupment.
3-Woodmann for giving me this account since months, very fast without even knowing me, he's paying this account and really deserve
our gratitude
4-a guy that almost everybody wants to forget, responsible for reporting our activities, made the itw mb removed, and that finally motivated us to bring this result
5-all of you, great reversers and promising newbies that naturally
brings a *very* good ambiance in this place.

I was surprised to see how fast you get an answer to any related question you could ask here, I'm sure now that the good spirit is back,
and for a long time.

Best regards,