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November 4th, 2000, 13:43

So I did ..... ,

I met with +IronMan who asked me what I knew about 'Bi-Arts'. I told him nothing
special except they make commercial software protection systems........

He asked if I wanted to see how deep the wormhole really goes ?

I took the RED pill and....

When I awoke I met the real man. He showed me what had happened. The truth,
that the +HCU was used to select the cream of the worlds crackers (by the
'world' he meant USA ) to see how they could slaughter the very
best software protections. They spent a year doing this. Then a group wanted
to split, form their own MegaCorp (sorry wrong movie !) , Bit-Arts
Corporation .... created to program the worlds toughest protection. +Fravia
was annoyed with his protege's so moved on to other web based security issues
and left the +HCU as an empty shell for would be crackers to dream of the
halicon days.

Bit-Arts created Softlocx. Using techniques the crackers found to fool the best.
They marketed their product to the world. However the 'other' commercial
protections were still a threat to them, getting market share is the only way to

How to get market share ?

1) Price your product at an aggressive level - say $400 when the rest range from
$500 - $10,000;
2) Market your products outstanding quality. Get reviews in PC mags etc etc;
3) Kill the opposition, destroy their products and the reputation of their
company with your own black-art 'crack' team ;

GOOD LUCK to you Romeo_One and the rest.

But the thing that will really cook your goose is the fact that they use another
marketing tool:-

4) NO cracks appear for Bit-Arts products. Every one concentrates on ASProtect
and VBox etc etc.The new reverser forums give/swap info and crack every
commercial system around...except SoftLocx. Duelist made a keymaker for specific
early versions of SoftLocx v4. But soon stops. I asked him if it was ok to rip
out a section of his key making code to produce a 'generic' keymaker for all
SoftLocx v4 protected softs. He said no because he is releasing a generic
keymaker 'soon' (mmmm ? that was in April 2000...)

So the whole cracking scene today is just existing to help those lucky few who
formed Bit-Arts and now derive their income from it. No unpackers from the
pro's. No generic keymakers, no tutorials, silence.....except a few snippets from

However 'hOrn_dOg' is born and his mission statement :


There is no spoon................

14:36 04/11/00

November 4th, 2000, 13:53
it's maybe a tough one, but I've never met well know programs infected
with this protection. Maybe you could give some recent urls so I (or we)
could take a look at this.
I could also crack it and send some private msgs on how to do it, sharing
this knowledge with elite members, or maybe I could install a pay on line
system for protectionnists that wants a free test for their products ?
Interesting challenge anyway, send some urls please.


The Owl
November 4th, 2000, 17:20
hmmm... i think i checked softlocx first around this time last year (for unrelated purposes), what they did then should be a shame for any mid-level cracker, or even beginner. next i think i tested it when i was writing my tracer (released in icedump), i don't recall any particularly earth-shattering techniques, except what you can fetch from the web after some searching. did they invent something new since then? or more interestingly to me, does the icedump tracer fail on it? if not, why bother... just tracex it, write a module to fix imports (if needed at all), then pedump.

November 4th, 2000, 22:30
Splaj -> knock , knock UR head and stop snorting the white rabbit cause it makes UR head spin !

1. I was never in HCU but I was in the IR@ , Canada's a bit far .. shame
2. I DON'T work for bitart - but I'd love a job with crypkey any going ?
3. I DO code for a living in ASP shame it doesn't work in Sice.
4. I DO know you're game ! (read newbie forum , reply about SL)

Here in England there's a story teller who's made millions writing books about a kid called Harry Potter , belive me with UR imgaination if you don't make it as a coder put pen to paper ! It's funny Splaj how I played a game on you and you suddenly reply , RANT & RAVE when I mention a generic decrypter for CrypKey... as if I would ... I can't change nappies in jail A simple lesson , set the grass on fire, stand back and see what rats come running out... Many people live in Seattle but do they have 2 work for M$. I don't hide my IP , cause I don't have anything to hide. The problem is UR IP was straight out of a network provider owned by Keonic Controls who also own crypkey, and then latter it suddenly came from Libya ... shit is Gadaffi now the crypkey MEast VP of sales or can you now crack "Anonimity 4 Proxy" and get the full DB.

Anyway to a more sensible post -> I agree Owl I studied SL last year and it was a pile of crap ! Not a great deal has changed. I've seen more comercial warez protected with this shit than Splaj has pubes , a big zero ! I cannot belive , splaj that you can say that bitarts are ex members of hcu when they've coded fucking lame s/w like "webwatch", "digicrap" and some shit activex control !

BTW : Splaj , Horn_Duck , Sandra , Katie , Jim or whatever name you keep hiding behind .. don't make out UR some big dude cause I've seen more muscles on a bowl of rice and U can tell ur boss @ crypkey 2 kiss my ass ! Next time Duelist (hi) charge this fuck'n idiot when he asks you 2 code a generic keygen cause he's getting well paid by Keonic ! I also have a contact who's very much active and respected on the scene that you have chatted 2 -> 4 a request to crack shitlocx he sussed you out and did a generic crack and tut on crypkey instead ! The morale of the story splaj is don't fucking make up stories cause ppl get pissed off.... You will keep getting dissed by abusing the R/C community with ur corporate games !

Romeo.One - !! Retired with Kids !! (!!HONEST SPLAJ!!)

October 6th, 2001, 12:57
i cracked the fusion 1 proggy you know now from bit-arts but i dont think to be publish i dont want to have any problems



October 6th, 2001, 14:48
Lovely are the children who know not.
To sling upon one from whom you have come.
Do not fear the one who maybe.
Look at yourself, can you see your reflection?

Do you ever feel like you have been cheated?

Peace, Woodmann

October 8th, 2001, 00:11
horn_dog, i can answer a few of your questions

as u might or might not know. i have cracked just about all softlocx programs ive come across, as im in pGC i have come across very few (maybe about 5/6 in the past year)...

does that answer your question about it being not cracked?

softlocx is very pathetic protection.. simple to keygen and/or dump virgin executables..


October 8th, 2001, 04:32
thx you very much nchanta


October 10th, 2001, 06:22
hehehe this thread is from a +YEAR ago already before anybody cared about bi-tarts protection and I had a bit of phun with some ppl who were actively pushing Softlocx as a 'real' protection solution on some user groups.

well we all move on........ but my lame story-telling attribute continues regardless.

and my IP address is as flavoured as usual :-)