View Full Version : Request for comments---Do you like the colors ?

October 31st, 2000, 14:53
You can actually compare between sandman's and this place, I can
easily set a new set of colors if the majority says so.
Please, tell me the colors you would like to have changed , you have
the document's background, text color, and tables titles background colors. Thanks to provide precise ones, use your html editor and tell
me in #xxxxxx format.
Best regards,


October 31st, 2000, 16:20
Hi +Tsehp,

First of all my heart felt thanks goes to you for for bringing the msg-boards back to life.

The colors on this MB are quite OK.
But the colors on the Newbies Forum r better...
Moreover they r convenient to the GrandPa reversers that visit this place...
(btw if anybody belongs to that generation and happen to read this message plz don't mind... remember what +alistair said about u :-D )

And my suggestion would be to have a consistent color scheme across the three boards... that'll give a much better feel... but that's what me thinks, can't say about the others...


ReD_AnT ;-)

u can find what +alistair said on this page :
BTW +Tsehp, i found this link using the search tool on this page...thanks a lot for providing it....

October 31st, 2000, 17:27
Hey Tsehp, great job man. I think you should make the entire forum the same color scheme as the newbies forum it's much easier to read. Also it would be a better ideas (in my opnion) to move the links that you have on the buttom of the Fravia forum to the buttom of the main forum index so they will be seen by everyone no matter what forum they go into.

just a suggetion.


November 1st, 2000, 07:35
Yes i think colors are ok, and maybe better than ones on newbies forum (more eye-relaxing)



Lord Rhesus
November 1st, 2000, 10:59
I use Opera 4.01 and the only colour I get is white on this forum compared with grey on the others. This just seems like a compatability problem though.

Lord Rhesus
November 1st, 2000, 11:09
I use Opera 4.01 and the background of the general message board appears white as opposed to grey for the other boards. This is just a compatability issue though.

November 1st, 2000, 11:39
I like this color very much. Very soothing to the eyes... (except dont use blue or other bright colors)

November 1st, 2000, 19:55
Thanks for your comments, That makes 2 for newbie scheme and 2 for mine. Teh newbie scheme is actually the one provided by default,
sandman has the full control for his two forums and I leave to him
the responsibility two choose whatever colors he wants.
I can't put my links on the front page, because they add to the one
I personnaly provide on the general rce board. But I'll divide my links
into personnal/general ones and the general will be added to the main
page. Soon to be done.