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December 24th, 2007, 18:22
Today, on christmas eve/day (depending on where in the world you are located) of 2007, the RCE forums community and the Woodmann crew present a very special christmas present for the entire RCE community world wide, which will hopefully from now on be a great addition in the arsenal of every reverser.

Allow me to present, the precious labor of my hard work during most of my spare time throughout the larger parts of this past year:

The Collaborative RCE Tool Library


So, what is it? Its goal is to be the end of all other tool libraries, the only tool library any reverser will ever need, and also the tool library that all reversers will collaboratively help to populate, maintain and refine, continuously. Its goal is to always contain all interesting and useful RCE tools, in a highly organized and categorized fashion, where the tool you need for the moment is never more than the traversal of a category tree away.

Not only this, but for each tool, everyone is able to contribute with tips about usage, other resources, rare inside information, gossip, and anything else that may be of value to the community or anyone else interested in RCE tools. And the main feature, which is of course also exactly what will make this so good, is that everyone will be able to help, in a very simple and efficient way!

Allow me next to quote some further descriptive text from the main page of the Collaborative RCE Tool Library itself, in order to shed some more light on just exactly what it is:

In the Collaborative RCE Tool Library, anyone can instantly add, edit or update information about all their favorite tools (and under some conditions even upload the tools themselves). All with the personal and highly useful goal of being able to easily find these tools whenever they may come in handy in the future.

The advantage of the collaborative nature of the library is of course that if lots of people update the information about their personal favorite tools whenever they hear about an important update to any of these, everyone else will also be able to benefit from this information when they come here looking for information about good tools for any specific purpose.

Add to this a highly granular and efficiently hierarchicalized structure of "category tags" (a tool can be tagged into arbitrarily many such categories, where the category hierarchy itself is controlled by administrators, but is still highly influenced by user suggestions through the Needs New Category category), and you have the recipe for what we believe is the future of information collection, archival and indexing, and the ultimate way to maintain updated information about any certain isolated field of interest (in this case RCE tools). If you would give the whole concept a fancy name, it would probably be something like "a Collaborative Strictly Hierarchical Just-Enough-Moderated Semantic Information Library", where the "Strictly Hierarchical" and "Semantic" parts are what separates it most from a common wiki, in addition to the drastically improved ease of use and contribution.
So please, go take a look, read through the information on the main page, explore the library, populate it with any tools that aren't already there, rate all the tools you have personal experience with, subscribe to the RSS feeds of all categories that may interest you (or why not the RSS feed for the entire library!) and enjoy the benefits that the library and the collaborative work of the entire RCE community can bring you from now on!


Since the search feature of the library is Google based, it will not work well until after a few days/weeks from now, since the project has been held a secret until today, and thus Google hasn't been able to index it yet.

December 24th, 2007, 20:00
Well nobody told me it was a "secret."

I guess I shouldn't have put that add in the New York and L.A. Times about your achievements.

Thanks for squeaking it in under the wire for a "Christmas Release" date.


December 25th, 2007, 15:27
Oh, and for more info and discussion, please see the official Collaborative RCE Tool Library discussion thread at:


December 25th, 2007, 18:00
oh, hell, moved my comment in the "official thread"..

December 25th, 2007, 19:18
Hmm, interesting. People might also be interested in a subsystem of this for rating Ollyscripts

Anyways, will add something when I can

December 26th, 2007, 09:47
Actually, there is already a category for OllyScripts (and more sub-categories can easily be created if this category gets too crowded):


So please feel free to upload and rate as many OllyScripts as you like, starting right away if you want.

December 26th, 2007, 10:59
dELTA, one question - are all tools under "Categorized by Target" also linked under "Categorized by Tool"? If not, it might be worth making a note on the site somewhere, as the word "categorized" implies a common database of tools just sorted/grouped in a different manner. In other words I'd expect to be able to find all the tools in both categories, just in different locations.

December 26th, 2007, 12:35
Thanks for the feedback, I've updated the help text in the "Navigating the Library" help page (linked from the main page):


And no, not all tools occur in both these two categories (even though many do), for reasons now explained on that help page.

December 27th, 2007, 10:32
RSS Feeds!?!?!?
omygod! great!! We'll end up into an ever-updated library, without the annoying 'look-for-update'. damn, it is very cool

December 27th, 2007, 12:02
[Originally Posted by Maximus;71201]RSS Feeds!?!?!?
omygod! great!! We'll end up into an ever-updated library, without the annoying 'look-for-update'.
That was the idea, yes (with "extremely complete" also being one of the foremost advantages in addition to "ever-updated". I'm glad you like it!

And regarding the RSS feeds, remember that you can always choose freely among the following RSS feed options:

A feed for additions and updates throughout the entire library.
Any number of feeds for additions and updates of certain chosen categories.
Any number of feeds for additions and updates of certain chosen categories, and all their sub-categories (recursively).
Any number of feeds for updates for certain chosen single tools.

So no worry of RSS information overload either!