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December 23rd, 2007, 09:17
I'm not a Vista user but I think it might be useful for someone else. This is a little program written by Ntosknrl (CFF eplorer's author) able to configure some Vista's features. You'll find the program with a small description right here: http://ntcore.com/vista4experts.php

December 23rd, 2007, 11:57
For those interested, here are the options:

The start menu power button will shut down the system like in Windows editions before Vista. If this action is unchecked the system will be set to sleep instead.
Disable the Windows Sidebar.
Reduce the service termination timeout to 5000ms (default: 20000ms). This may boost the shutdown speed, but can cause problems on specific systems like servers. Use with caution!
Disable Aero (needs a log off and back to take place).
Turn off the automatic updates for Windows.
Check for Windows updates but let the user choose whether to download and install them (automatic updates might reboot your computer without your permission).
Set MSDN or Google as Internet Explorer's default search engine. This action should be checked if you want MSDN as default or unchecked if you want Google.
Add MSDN to the Internet Explorer Search Bar.
Add Google to the Internet Explorer Search Bar.
Set Google or Live as Internet Explorer home page. This action should be checked if you want Google as homepage or unchecked if you want Live.
Always show the menu of Internet Explorer.
Show file extension even for known files.
Always show the menu of Windows Explorer.
Switch to the classic view of the Control Panel.
When searching non-indexed locations, include system directories.
Disable the File Indexing Service which might be time consuming.
Disable Windows Defender's daily automatic scan.
Disable the User Account Control (UAC).
Disable the Security Center notifications which become quite annoying when disabling the User Account Control.

December 24th, 2007, 07:59
Ah, that's really useful, thanks Zairon (and Ntoskrnl). I really don't like Vista (still using Win2k and XP) but have it on one machine for testing purposes.