View Full Version : NVIDIA Detonator problem

October 28th, 2000, 04:07
I juste want to know if someone has found a solution to the SoftIce not popping/Detonator 3 problem.


October 28th, 2000, 07:25
I have to get back to this story, can you give more details ???

You mean when you bpx something in detonator, sice doesn't popup ?


October 28th, 2000, 08:21
>You mean when you bpx something in detonator, sice doesn't popup ?

hum, not really. When I load NTICE under Win2K and when I press Ctrl+D, nothing appears, but SoftIce is running and I have to press F5 to go back to windows.

I think xOANINO (and others) already spoke about this problem but without finding a solution

October 30th, 2000, 06:40
No, I think he actually found a solution. He posted it on the old board. If noone has it I think I saved it at home, and I can post it in a day or two...

October 30th, 2000, 07:04
Hi dude,
i've posted already about that. The issue is the incompatibility of SICE 4.05 with Detonator drivers from 6.18 til the newest.
The solution is
A) get the new SICE from Driverstudio v2.0
B) install drivers oldest than 6.18 (or the original drivers which comes in the Win2000 package)


October 30th, 2000, 14:44
Solution (A) doesn't work xOANINO, I'm sorry to say.
I'm using DriverStudio 2.0 with Detonators 6.34. Same problem. Even with 6.34 WHQL drivers there are no changes.
Sice screen came up when I booted the system (with Sice in Manual mode). It even came up when I went into 3DMax. I didn't break on anything. I came out of Max and Sice became invisible from then on.
It just doesn't handle its video buffer too well with NVidias, I'd guess.
Booting up in other than Manual mode doesn't make a difference. It could behave the same way or it could be that it never shows its screen.
Nevertheless, on two driver releases back (6.31 I think) it used to work fine until one day it just stopped. If I remember right, I got it to work by just reinstalling DriverStudio. (I didn't try this now. I got fed up with it and I'm just using my NT box).
If I'm right, it would imply that the graphics driver detection and test works fine only on initial installation. After that (say, when you upgrade the graphics driver) detection doesn't work properly. Maybe they implement a subset of it?
Talk about groping in the dark...