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October 26th, 2000, 14:04
I hope I'll get used to it. Nice to have both boards very close to each other. Bad to have to enter e-mail adress (whatever). Congrats and keep moving - forget ITW and remember the rest
Now question:
What happened to zencrack2.cjb.net? My little dongle asks for refreshing memory and it looks like the best place for that is gone. Litespeed.org the second best is under some construction as far as I could figure out. So where to go?

October 26th, 2000, 14:33
Hi petroff,
thanks for your support. I'm still working a lot on this place, I have to
add some news essays and a good search engine to retrieve the
last updated essays.

For zencrack, goto http://sr7.xoom.com/zenrce/
you should find a working host.

best regards,


October 26th, 2000, 16:37
Thx tsehp.Unfortunately there was no use of the link. It leads to where I've been before. However I'll have to try to rewrite that sspro routines without a reference book .


October 26th, 2000, 18:09

Crackz is still working his way through
redoing his website last time I spoke with him. So it'll be down for another week or so I presume. Wait a week
or so and check back.

October 27th, 2000, 03:15
Hi, Amante4.

I liked very much your IDA plugs
Yeah CrakZ at work. However thx.