View Full Version : Removing need for dongle in Sentinel LM Wlscgen

August 24th, 2007, 15:14
Greetz all!
I'm a noob at cracking / reversing and I guess just an idiot all together for trying to takle this one as my first project, but here goes...

OK I work for a sw developer who uses Sentinel SuperPro USB keys to do serial reg/lic mgmt....Im trying to remove the need for the usb key....

Here's what I've done thus far...

found great docs here:

I got all my tools i needed:
except Wslcgen.exe from Sentinel LM SDK v7.1.0, IDA v4.04+

so then I found how to "CREATE" Wslcgen.exe here:

so I created my Wlscgen.exe and got it running...now comes the debugging part Im having probs with...I load my Wlscgen.exe into my W32dasm and create breakpoints as instructed at 00414746 and 004147EE but it still says invalid user name pw....I think its due to the fact that I suck....any ideas?

August 24th, 2007, 15:34
Sorry Charlie (Tuna joke you should recognize):

Your post does not pass the "smell" test and you clearly haven't done YOUR homework on YOUR subject matter, as directed by the FAQ.

Now if you "really" "work for a sw developer who uses Sentinel SuperPro USB keys to do serial reg/lic mgmt" YOU really should have no need to "crack" "your own company's" "serial reg/lic mgmt" system, because "your company" should have the "code" which puts the "serial reg/lic mgmt" system into "their" software. You should already know "where the heck it's located" and, at least, how their software works.

So, trying to get sympathy, instead of showing actual effort, isn't going to give you very much "street cred" to ask for help when you apparently have only read a couple of article and expect to start, first race out of the box, "cracking" Sentinel SuperPro USB keys.

There is a great deal more information on the net than the couple of articles you've said you've read. How about you actually make a more serious "personal effort" about trying to understand what you are doing, besides conceeding you "suck" at reversing.

So far, it mostly appears that you "suck" at working very hard to attempt to find answers to "your own questions".


August 27th, 2007, 23:21
Sorry to be such a thorn in your side bro. I actually do work for this sw company and I use a fullfillment app (their fancy word for keygen) daily to produce purchase and subscription serials for our clients, so yes I do have a keygen, but I was curious if you could run the app w/o a dongle. Some say you can and I was just trying to confirm that. It did take some time find out how to get to the point Im at (creating the Wslcgen.exe without having the Sentinel LM SDK v7.1.0, IDA v4.04+) Next time I'll spend 2 days searching instead of one.

August 28th, 2007, 00:55
chances are it will take a while to learn how to reverse the task at hand, especially being very new. My suggestion is look up toros emulator which has a sentinel sdk emu. U can modify it by some reg keys. With this u can a dongle replacement and not need the physical one anymore.