View Full Version : Need some help with Rainbow SuperPro

July 11th, 2007, 10:46

Im using Rainbow SuperPro USB dongle protected software at work, so when I need to do some work at home I need to bring the key.

I have downloaded some programs to read the dongle (dumper.exe and sentinelmonitor.exe). What do I need to do with the dumped data to get the software running at home? Is it even possible?

I dont think im able to patch/crack the software and I would prefer to emulate the dongle as the software gets updated quite often.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


July 11th, 2007, 12:09
I can!

The Frist place you should have already started is to Read the Friggin FAQ, emphasized in the BIG RED LETTERS. Had you done so you would have learned that it is expected here has people actually attempt to do their OWN homework, by searching these Forum and, more particularily, the internet for the answer to their questions, BEFORE the take the lazy way out and just ask someone here to tell them the answer.

You have provided nothing which indicates you have either Read the FAQ or that you have actually done ANYTHING to try to help yourself in finding the answer to YOUR question. If you have done anything, you have done nothing to demonstrate that you have done anything.

There is substantial discussion on these Forums about this general subject and the is even more information available on the net for those who are willing to work to find it.

You should know the name of your dongle, since you have it at work. You could put the name of that dongle into the Search function on these Boards, and read what you find, then think more about your problem.

You could do the same with your favorite search engine and discover, for yourself the information which is available.

One of the things you will find, is that "reversing" dongles in not generally an appropriate place for one to "start" in the reversing world, simply because it is a "non-trivial" pursuit and requires a certain level of knowledge and experience with the "tools of the trade."

So now you've been "pointed in the right direction." The rest of the "start" of you quest if up to YOU!. Read the FAQ before you do anything else.