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June 28th, 2007, 14:10
Lets me start by saying thanks to all the guy for the great tuorials. They helped me get to the point im at right now. I have a plugin for lightwave which when registered is tied to the dongle. LEt me first say I own the plugin bought and paid for. What I am wanting to to is make it portable. I have LW at work with a dongle there and lightwave at home for personal/professional use. The plugin is tied to my home dongle but i want to be able to use the plug at work as well. Through the numerous tutorials I have been able to bypass the serial check but appearantly the plug is using the serial check as part of its calculations when running the plugs operation. so therefore it deforms the lightwave mesh in a way not expected. Any help would be appreciated.

June 28th, 2007, 14:31
There is at least something in you post which does not pass the "smell test" and it also indicated you have failed to actually READ THE FAQ.

If you have the dongle for the plug-in, which you own, you should be easily able to take it to work and use it there with the dongle. At the very least, your description of this "problem" is "suspect".

Second, our FAQ states that YOU are required to do your own homework FIRST before you post your question here and to indicate you have done so.

What have you done to research the solution to your own problem? You mention tutorials on removing the serial, but what research have YOU done on YOUR specific problem, besides asking the question here?

Tell US that before you can expect help here.


June 28th, 2007, 15:04
Hmm lets see. I didnt mention the name of the software i was trying to change. I didnt ask for anything other than help. I didnt email anyone. Oops Im sorry I didnt post proof that I actually did some work. Well if I post proof I did the work then you will know what it is which is the same thing as me putting the name of the software here. Unless you want me to post the code to the 2jumps and 2 calls that i changed. The dongle is tied to lightwave "not the program i was asking about" the plugin is tied key file that contains the keycode "response" to a code generated by the plugin (which is based on the dongle number).

My reason in asking here was to maybe get a jumping off point to find where or what i missed.

If I was to give you the name I can assure you my specific problem will not be found on any search from any site that I know of. So all of what I have done has been interpreted from tutorials on serial generation or finding the serial. Which I dont want to do. But they led me to a round about way of getting where i wanted.

so here is your list from your FAQ's

1. What is the problem....
See first post
2. What is the protection.....
Serial + algorythm
3. What tools are you using....
IDA, SoftIce, Syser, Olldbg, w32dasm, hex editor
4. What tutorials have you read....
Most of the ones listed on this site
5. Show your output listing WITH comments....
??? Not real sure how to do that
6. NOW ask your question....
see above

If you feel that Im not in compliance ban me or help me but dont talk to me like im an idiot, or some newbie shit lookin for a handout or illegal software

June 28th, 2007, 15:06
Better yet just delete my account and I will find somewhere else that has a bit more personality.

Instead of the "RTFM" attitude

June 28th, 2007, 15:20
Hm.. He must've been up all night reversing..

June 28th, 2007, 15:23
Who me? Try about four days.

June 28th, 2007, 15:28
Yea - they can be a little tough sometimes.. I always squint my eyes and turn my head away as I'm clicking the "post" button. Never know who I might piss off next...

June 28th, 2007, 16:48
It's really not too wise to complain about having the Rules explained to you when you have apparently failed to read and following them.

This place would not be very worthwhile if every frustrated newbie who came here was actually entitled to make their own rules and then get pissed off, and cry to mommy when they were reminded that we do have Rules to follow.

The Rules are there for a purpose, even if you fail to grasp what that purpose is, and even when it interfers with your instant gratification of your own desire to have a solution to your problem.

If you don't like the Rules and/or don't like being reminded of the need to follow them, you are quite free to take your problems elsewhere.

What happened in response to your post is the same thing which would happen to any new poster who failed to show that they had made any effort to try to solve their own problem. You were asked to show what you had done to try to find the answer to your specific question, other than post a general, non-specific request for help here. If you find that too onerous, you are, of course quite capable of throwing an immature hissy fit and sulking off into the ether as you please. If that is your preference, we will not miss your participation in these Forums.

Your "specific question" related to "the plug is using the serial check as part of its calculations when running the plugs operation" and you failed to indicate that YOU had made ANY effort to research that "issue" on the web before posting your question. Had you indicated that you had done so, no comment on your post would have been necessary or given by me.


June 28th, 2007, 18:30
What amuses me is the number of people how say along the lines of "I have bought the software and paid for it" to make it look like they buy all there software and are completely legit, and then later on say "but I want to pirate it for work/home use". Why not just say you want to crack the protection in the first place?

There are two simple answers here and one not so easy answer: 1) Buy a copy for work use, 2) Take your dongle to work, 3) find out exactly what the program is doing - does it send the same number/s every time to the dongle? Are the numbers random, or is there a set list that you can place into a table? You mention it uses your serial number as a base - how exactly? Does it use it as a random number seed, table offset, etc?

Why did you have to bypass the serial check when you already have a serial for it which you bought?