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June 11th, 2007, 13:09
My boss gave me a really odd project. After googling my brains out on sentinel emulation I have rougly half a hard drive of dumpers, monitors, assemblers, debbugers, and just enough of a clue to be completely lost.

Through my attempts I have managed to find what I believe is the devolpers ID. When using a dumper with the doongle attached and the monitor running I see the begining and end of the RNBOsproRead entries with the various codes.

The final result I am after is to not disable the software's desire to use this key. In our business this key contains various levels of activation codes. Those activation codes are the real pay-dirt we are after.

In my defense, I have spent the last 2 er so hours browsing the FAQ's and searched the newbie forums with lots of pretty keywords. I think my request maybe different then most, The activation codes that relate to the key are always exactly 8 characters long, and never have numbers in them. They directly relate to that specific key.

I guess I am wondering if by trying to dump the key I am even on the right path. Is it even possible to read from the doongle the exact code that the "license Manager" is looking for.

I have download PEID, but I don't think ( don't know) if the software is at fault here, or even if I want to try and dig down that far. (MASSIVE point of sale system)

Can someone please give me a nudge in the right direction. I have looked religiously of the doongle page, and tried numerous combinations of the various softwares.

I wish I could tell my boss, "Nope not possible", but he already saw the dump from the keys in the monitor, and was like"are those the codes?!!", and so he knows it is almost feasible....I am just not sure how.

Thanks in advance.

June 11th, 2007, 14:16
Honestly you are DONGed in this situation. The only way to remove the DONG is by emulating the DONG. You obviously exhibit behaviors of a person not familiar with DONG(would take many amounts of time invested). So I suggest to make your life much easier, find yourself a ranger. I suggest Walker. But if that is not feasible, I would point you to www.safe-key.com , nodongle.biz (i think thats the url?) and or just google "dongle replacement/ dongle backup." Finally, go to some russian forums and see if the software already has a crack you can buy. The chances are you will not crack this program in a feasible amount of time. But just in case you are some sort of virtuoso of cracking not yet known to this world I would suggest the following:

1. IDA Pro 4.x-5.x
2. OllyDbg
3. Go to CrackZ, and download all SSPRO flair signatures. Go to exetools.com/forum download all SSPRO flair signatures.
4. Dissasemble your program, apply the signature.
5. Patch out the ruitines based on given tutorials, I think arteam just released one. (forgot their url)

or if 5 is out of the question: buy a dongle emulator. and see steps below
6. After using emulator, find sproread, in ida names window and this will be where it keeps your different levels of activation (Most likely). Find the level you want and hardcode the return value, or patch out their ruitine physicall and your done, or have the emulator company figure it out for you. My suggestion, tell your boss "it is possible, but not in my scope of expertise, you can hire someone to do it"

And so I say to you the final word:


June 11th, 2007, 16:47
Thanks for the information as it shed light on a path I was fumbling around in the dark for.
Here is my next barrier I forsee. I have three different versions of these doongles to try and obtain the activation codes from. Sentinel Scribe, Sentinel SuperPro LPT ,and a Sentinel USB Safenet SuperPro.
There is also the problem that the Sentinel Scribe is for a software application that runs on a UNIX server. The question then becomes is it possible to do steps 4 and 5 with that software?

I have a few doongles with known activation codes, so I am just looking for a means to try and "read" thoose pesky codes.

Thanks again for the info, I wil download and try to learn (fumble) IDA over the next week.