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  1. ARTeam: Introduction To Malware Techniques and Logics Part 1
  2. Hook remote process.
  3. softwareshield
  4. anyone know the order in which PUSHAD works?
  5. where is xp manifest in simple "hello world"..?
  6. Exclusive known as xor crypto, how to read the uncrypted string
  7. Translation
  8. Strange problem when hotpatching function..
  9. Circumventing windows file protections...
  10. rekindled hope (maybe)
  11. DUMKOM anyone?
  12. v1.02 of the x86asm reference released
  13. indirect __stdcall function
  14. .Net -> How to close a external Msgbox !quick! ??
  15. Need to get contents out of TStringGrid
  16. Android - DEX file format
  17. ARTeam: Serial Fishing and Creating a Self Registering Program by R@dier
  18. Digging into RtlRemoteCall..by BanMe
  19. Hidden Kernel Module (Driver) detection techniques
  20. Setting the Event Pair of a Thread..
  21. From where FastPebLockRoutine is called?
  22. Thread32First / NtSuspendThread from DDK driver
  23. String search
  24. The Simple Client :}... very basic..
  25. Native_MapFile
  26. how to Continue the execution of the win32 subsytem..
  27. Hooking ZwAllocateVirtualMemory
  28. How to directly talk to USB device?
  29. FlexLM v8.x - Problem while trying to retrieve both encryption seeds
  30. Modifying NTDLL ?
  31. Hooking using a Linked List to specify the params..
  32. ARTeam: Patching Applications from Apples AppStore with additional protection by Re
  33. Dallas iButton
  34. How To protect my VB2008 App??
  35. Kernel modules loaded with broken PE header?
  36. Thread Based Code/behavior Profiler
  37. HASP SRM DeviceIo
  38. First MUP
  39. The Perfect Rootkit
  40. Reconstruct Delphi control classes
  41. some question about PE loader
  42. Saving Registers & Flags
  43. Random Data
  44. SIDT - Explanation
  45. About the 2 Flexlm ECC flag....
  46. Have Code ~ Will Unravel - Paladin?
  47. ARTeam: ezine number 4th just released
  49. Rootkit Analytics
  50. Shellcode in C
  51. Anyone wanna help?
  52. an application with mixture of Delphi 7 and .NET
  53. ARTeam: Reversing Xilisoft, by Nieylana
  54. Need obfuscated .NET assemblies
  55. Enable Menuitem
  56. ARTeam: A Tales of Reversing & Keygenning Two MD5 Registration Schemas
  57. ExeCryptor Internals : Tutorials + Tools
  58. dotFuscator
  59. FlexLM 8.1b - VD customized
  60. Anybody know Hardlock Modad 507F ???
  61. Faking a file
  62. ARTeam: Unpacking 4 Simple Packers with IDA Videotut by TiGa
  63. CodeProject: Driver to Hide Processes and Files
  64. ARTeam: Defeating the Winlicense Main Executable version by quosego
  65. fork is not inheriting all the threads from parent
  66. ARTeam: Unwrapping WildTangent Games, by Nieylana and SSlEvIN
  67. LINK:Detect Hidden Processes
  68. SecuROM v7 (+PA optional) available
  69. Strong names again...
  70. Regarding FLEXnet
  71. TLS Callback with invalid entries
  72. Reflective Dll Injection
  73. hello has anyone idea how to hook this weird / virtual function
  74. An Anti-Reverse Engineering Guide
  75. Windows Research Kernel
  76. [req] r0 loader for MP cpu
  77. Driver PE Header ImageBase modified by OS Loader
  78. Live messenger plugin development article published
  79. use of PhantOm Olly plugin no in Olly ?
  80. Creepy behaviour in syscall dispatcher hook
  81. freezing minifilter
  82. How does this cdrom driver hold the read data before return?
  83. Is this behaviour of Virtual Memory normal?
  84. ARTeam: xADT eXtensible Anti Debug Tester v1.4 by Shub-Nigurrath
  85. ARTeam: Bypassing TryGames Download Manager
  86. ARTeam: Inline Patching ActiveMark (AM) 6.3 Buy-Only Targets
  87. Help needed to know if thous 2 fails are encrpyted or not ?
  88. Operating System information
  89. Anybody has used Microsoft Base Smart Card CSP yet?
  90. Achilles Heel in the Philosophy of Prometheus Boundless Security Paper
  91. Tough .NET protection
  92. Use flair tool
  93. PEB.Ldr - Unlinking an entry
  94. ARTEam: ActiveMark 62 and 63 Superior Inline Patching Method by SSlEvIN
  95. ResumeThread & WaitForSingleObject in combination leads to a problem...
  96. declspec (naked) usage in dll
  97. Control an application behavior
  98. FlexLM on PA-Risc CPU ...
  99. Help on SetWindowsHookEx
  100. Code Section Modified after ZwMapViewOfSection
  101. LINK: Bypassing Patch Guard 3
  102. JDK classloader signature vs. JRE classloader signature
  103. help on finding kernel32.dll
  104. IDT
  105. Delphi Big Lib Signature Problem
  106. Help on IDT
  107. ARTeam: Generating Keys For TimePassages (EN/SP) by Nacho-Dj
  108. [help]function size
  109. a question from those who know how to develop drivers
  110. ARTeam: Signing Applications in ezMode for Symbian, by argv
  111. ARTeam: Primer on Reverse Engineering Symbian 3rd Applications v10, by argv
  112. good news for dk2/dk3 fans (deskey)
  113. ARTeam: searching for symbian reversers
  114. Wibu Gold Rolex Watch for Sale!
  115. Xenocode unpack
  116. assembler loader problem
  117. MACAddress
  118. FS Register
  119. Not quite hooking...
  120. reversing Qt programs
  121. Help discovering elements used to create a serial number
  122. Help about such a strange SEH trick
  123. Exotic Malware ?
  124. LINK: How to get the address of KeServiceDescriptorTableShadow
  125. Writing A Book On Computer Viruses
  126. Injecting Browser Helper Objects Remotely
  127. custom message on deletion of file...
  128. Accessing "in Use" Files == ?
  129. Some interesting papers and presentations from the 2008 CARO Workshop
  130. ARTeam: Primer on Reversing Jailbroken iPhone Native Applications v1.0
  131. ARTeam: Symbian Unleashed IDS Files For IDA Pro, EPOC6 && EPOC9 from argv
  132. Implementing Custom Subsystem == ?
  133. creating win32 api == ?
  134. Executable being rebased like a dll?
  135. The VMware VIX API
  136. CSP patching problem
  137. ARTeam eZine Issue III
  138. Arteam: Improved Disasm Dll (olly Engine), by CondZero
  139. ARTeam: AMDUMPV6.2 V2.0 by CondZero
  140. Reversing Windows hook chains
  141. win32 c processor only needed
  142. Overshadow: A Virtualization-Based Approach to Retrofitting Protection ..
  143. Weird dll hook thanks to Vista SP1
  144. hooking KiFastCallEntry
  145. Home made Java Virtual Machine
  146. Code Injection: Injecting an Entire C Compiled Application
  147. Hooking a member function from an injected DLL?
  148. SEH in Vista with ASLR?
  149. Reprise SW
  150. Vista x64 SP1 tcpip.sys runtime patching
  151. Question concerning .NET file format...
  152. Small Ndis miniport driver sample
  153. Vista Problem
  154. API Hooking
  155. Antidebuglib
  156. Enumerating 32-bit modules from an x64 application
  157. Crackz Nolan God help me out :P
  158. ARTeam: ArmaGeddon v1.0 Conceptual overview tool for unpacking Armadillo by CondZero
  159. using HID device in Driver and strange device corruption
  160. Binary radix tries
  161. Objective C
  162. assgin custom callback function to an edit field
  163. NASM - GUI related question
  164. Native NT Toolkit, First part (NDK headers) now available on Google Code
  165. .NET hooking
  166. NEW '_time' obfuscation area in FLEXlm v10
  167. Two VM detection methods, reported by Sirmabus
  168. Reversing C++
  169. ARTeam: Cracking & Unpacking ECompXL Packer V1 For Symbian Part3 by argv
  170. COM Interface problem!
  171. ARTeam: Cracking & Unpacking eCompXL packer V1 for Symbian Part2 by argv
  172. (x<<13) | (x>>3)
  173. ARTeam: Special Issue for SecuRom 7.30.0014 Take2 VM Analysis, deroko, 2kAD
  174. InTether Protection System Reversing...Reversing Kernel Code
  175. ARTeam: Cracking & Unpacking eCompXL packer V1 for Symbian
  176. Tool for check a valid PE Win32 File...
  177. ARTeam:ActiveMark62 Inline Patching by SSlEvIN (video tut)
  178. Run-time resolution of C++ virtual function addresses
  179. new ROCKEY?
  180. Reverse Engineering 'Reversity' Training Sessions - Free/Open
  181. Collection of anti debug tricks
  182. xml embed references. halp! :(
  183. LINK: Grafting Compiled Code: The Ultimate in Code Reuse
  184. HaspHL- Time Emulation Hangup
  185. need some help on a project...
  186. x64 and GetThreadContext() problems
  187. ARTeam: Macrovision InstallShield 2008 -Professional Edition [Short take] by condzero
  188. ARTeam: Notes on Reversing and Cracking Java Target Part 3 by ThunderPwr
  189. ARTeam: Boonty InSecure Safecast 2.60.030 / FLEXnet dll Injection Method
  190. .NET strong name signature.
  191. brief insight into secu vm
  192. ARTeam: Notes on Reversing and cracking Java Target Part2
  193. Decompiling
  194. Reverse Engineering at University
  195. ARTeam: Dumping & Analysis ActiveMark V6.2x by Condzero
  196. ARTeam: Special Issue For SecuRom 7.30.0014 Complete Owning, AnonymouS, Human, derok
  197. Windows Anti-Debug Reference, nice collection of anti-debug tricks
  198. A question about creating process
  199. VM Snapshot Comparison to detect hidden files
  200. Modifying an online game
  201. HASP4 TIMEHASP confusion
  202. ARTeam: Notes on Reversing and Cracking Java Target
  203. Cracking .NET Applications "Step-By-Step"
  204. Arteam Collection, 220mb Of Tutorials And Tools, by scherzocrk
  205. FlexLm signatures file v9.2 or v10
  206. ARTeam: Reversing Of A Protection Scheme Based On Drivers: Sandboxie by Shub
  207. ARTeam: Symbian Symphony For 4 Crackmes And A Commercial Program, by Shub-Nigurrath
  208. Intel VT-x technology
  209. Looking for sentinel superpro 7.3 ida signature
  210. [ARTeam] generic unpacker source
  211. Keylok II Emu stuff
  212. Entropy
  213. ARTeam: AsProtect VM analyze
  214. HASPHL2006-7 & SENTEMUL2007
  215. Mysteries of win32k & GDI
  216. Virit antivirus?
  217. sentinel superpro
  218. New WIBU Envelope v5.20
  219. MIPS Decoding and Disassembly
  220. Emulator for old Hardlock algo.?
  221. Seedval Flexlm v11
  222. StrongNameIdentityPermission
  223. CGI
  224. ASM to C?
  225. Recovering seeds vendor daemon
  226. HASP HL - envelope problem
  227. Sentdos, dongle dos application
  228. Critical Section in ASM? Howto?
  229. Virtual Debugging in VMware
  230. Sentinel RMS
  231. unknown sentinel spro api
  232. Alexander Sotirov security vulnerabilities video
  233. How does AVP scan this virus "Backdoor.Win32.CFour"?
  234. A nasty id/pass scheme
  235. MFC question
  236. Obfuscation on Windows as well as on Linux
  237. License sheme
  238. haSploGer - Hasp4 / HaspHL Loger by Xyrurg && sataron
  239. Differences in 32-bit exception handling on 32- and 64-bit host OS
  240. Recognize any of these functions?
  241. GetProcAddress for win32api func
  242. Test for stack or heap
  243. Windows Inner working.
  244. Windows Research Kernel
  245. IDA introduces full decompilation (to source code, yes)
  246. Generating Virtual Machine Code
  247. Different papers about SMC, polymorph code and anti trace code...
  248. understanding disassembler lc_init
  249. AVPX 3.30 by z0mbie
  250. FlexLM makekey