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  1. Two Hasp HL dongles, but with same password!
  2. [Video tutorial] Reversing a Keygenme challenge
  3. Running a Trace in Olly
  4. help with illegal toc
  5. HASP Hardlock (Emulation) Problem
  6. Eutron smartkey usb
  7. All DLLs - Not in IAT?
  8. Help with Flexlm 11.4 license
  9. Help Crypkey Sitekey, Have Master,User and site code
  10. what language should i learn?
  11. Illegal instruction in Dongle-protection
  12. Help with flexlm 10.1 license
  13. what are differences between a packer and a crypter?????
  14. Hackforums.net down????
  15. CoreRestore alternative?
  16. .net String decryption
  17. Reversing NUTCracker.exe
  18. Program start up sequence in Olly
  19. Old german "Kraecker Mag"
  20. Breakpoint on Javascript alert?
  21. Dissasmbling Chip8 Rom but cannot seem to seperate code from data
  22. How is this guy stepping through Olly so quickly?
  23. old game
  24. Key generation
  25. Can't recompile hex-rays decompiler output
  26. Had to say (Driver Debugging Basics)
  27. reversing part of an IM client
  28. FlexLM ECC, what to patch?
  29. Problem rebuilding a PE using CFF Explorer
  30. Odbg newbie question (finding passwrod)
  31. dll redirection using win7 config files
  32. list of error messages in ollydbg
  33. Reverse engineering non-executable files
  34. Analyze .lib file
  35. need foxpro help! target uses keylib32.dll for testing
  36. How many famous vulnerability exist?
  37. Jump & Break into new process / thread ?
  38. Question about "Test"
  39. SoftICE 4.05 on Windows 98 - Stepping over (F10) freeze
  40. Static Disassembly - Best way forward
  41. Finding a Decryption Algorithm
  42. FPU Stack in Olly?
  43. How do DLL breakpoints work, especially those in system DLLs?
  44. Ollydb question
  45. Patching executable binaries, PE-format (probably the same for other formats)
  46. Flexlm v11.5 (or "Pre-v7.1" if reversing an old KG or app) help
  47. How to set BP in Dll that was injected into explore.exe ?
  48. Searching for "IDA" or "IDA Pro"
  49. More crap from wally
  50. How is this JS shellcode getting executed?
  51. Cracking XXXXXXXX module
  52. hasp3
  53. Tracking threads in Olly
  54. Debugger Rings
  55. Seed Extraction Vendor Daemon 11.8
  56. program restarts and nag is back after fake reg entries....can't even bypass the nag
  57. ms_exc structure.
  58. debugger various question
  59. .NET Deobfuscation
  60. Ida pro 5.5 and symbol server
  61. Reconstruct PE file from process memory (and save to disk)
  62. Filesonic, trying to figure out their URL design.
  63. Hardlock Alladin without dongle
  64. passing command line arguments via IDA while debugging
  65. finding out memory leakage from disassembly
  66. Weakness of the Windows API
  67. "run until return" in OllyDbg?
  68. disassembling and debugging addresses
  69. dangling pointers and virtual functions
  70. how to dump the application in lena151's 24th tutorial?
  71. Transfer analysis data from olly to IDA?
  72. a guiding light on a protection routine....
  73. tracing a value within Reaplayer?
  74. UIC Crackme Contest - quequero.org
  75. heap
  76. Crackmes.de archive/mirro
  77. how to reverse algorithm function
  78. Free Debugger/Disassembler for Windows 7 64-bit?
  79. need cd companion
  80. Recovering SQL connection string in .NET from configuration file
  81. how to generat "1" instead of "uncounted" license
  82. any trace function call plugin for ida pro 5.5
  83. How to find what happens to the input I put in a window ?
  84. a beginner question about analize and realization assembly code in my mind?
  85. how to trace api functions?
  86. Cannot find packer of exe
  87. IDA Pro, find out what created the object
  88. IDA Pro, obtaining class information.
  89. Using OllyDbg to view exe & dll
  90. help in a crack me
  91. help newbies!!!
  92. Find function in OCX
  93. HASP HL VendorCode Recovery
  94. yet another small question about flexlm
  95. MS Patch diffing process
  96. issue with .NET strong name remove
  97. votans article
  98. can i find tutrial book for windbg and syser
  99. Export functions
  100. about ida pro licence price ?
  101. about reversing port communication buffer and how register and memory work with ports
  102. Looking for information on Shims
  103. Place to start learning in and outs of Linux
  104. Crack in Linux
  105. hello to every body how to access array in dll file
  106. iButton
  107. Vulnerability Discovery
  108. Aladdin HASP4 pccard
  109. username^system info
  110. language tool
  111. how to reverse an application that restarts after entering fake serial
  112. rsrc file - help please!
  113. OllyDbg Memorysearch
  114. DLL code patching at runtime ...
  115. help needed
  116. Pricing for a reverse engineering project
  117. Target Automatically Runs When Loaded Into Olly
  118. Api hooking
  119. multiple instances
  120. How to Identify/leverage a database system in a 16bit DOS application
  121. analyzing spam..constructed for a purpose.
  122. Mirroring a process in memory
  123. Android App Debugging? Anyone doing it?
  124. Windbg breakpoint with condition
  125. win32 api debugging delphi
  126. Simple relocation parser to start.
  127. Reverse Engineering & Hardware
  128. Prove me right/wrong ;]
  129. reversing wmprph.exe - the wmp12 richpreviewhandler
  130. Need help with a strange MD5 problem
  131. determine call used?
  132. IDA Debugger
  133. Probing value without a debugger
  134. ways to optimize a fastcall function masm/poasm
  135. Solaris 10 Flexlm tutorial
  136. ecx overwritten +overflow
  137. Olly error
  138. what is the correct path
  139. bengaly Crack me
  140. unbinding executable problem
  141. MIPS reversing
  142. bad function
  143. HexaLock
  144. XML based FlexLM license file?
  145. How to upload tools to RCE library?
  146. Hook a console DLL
  147. How decompile a visual c++ 2003 executable file?
  148. DOS/4GW , DOS/16M Reversing Help !
  149. Found EP09 but the ECX and EDX addresses don't match a real RAM location
  150. Weird OllyDBG (OllyDump.dll) problem
  151. Newbie...need help Keylib32
  152. Macrobject Obfuscator
  153. VB string comparison
  154. Hardlock dongle
  155. First time using WinDbg, having some issues
  156. Read Write Execute..!
  157. How to find a string in a .NET assembly (manually)
  158. Questions about registry window in Visual Studio 2010
  159. Html page to load with a CSS accordion expanded (and I don't know this stuff)
  160. Tracing into interrupt handler code
  161. Simple UAC-related question
  162. function epilogue..!
  163. intro/advice needed on where to start...
  164. Kgm1 crackme - gdb segmentation fault
  165. Smash the Stack Wargames [blackbox]
  166. Start function
  167. Saving program state
  168. Sentinel Pro Emulation
  169. hi need help for symbian application
  170. Reversing datastructures of running executable
  171. [.NET] Nopping out an instruction
  172. how to set BP on writing a file on usb memory stick...
  173. Softice Won't start
  174. time set back problem
  175. Top 10 DYNAMIC Debugger/Disassemblers
  176. Old game graphics enhancement ways & questions
  177. peeking into a dotnet application sourcecode
  178. reversing DLLs with relocation table?
  179. UPX Unpacking Problem (Invalid name of module)
  180. Olly alternative to process stalking? Tracing/Logging or CBL or what?
  181. arm and thums switch instructions(what is this error)
  182. Crypkey option level issue
  183. Keygenning java-based target
  184. Thread Class to Manage both remote and Local Threads.
  185. Is there a generic method to determine generic type and number of parameters passed?
  186. Vendor Code for FlexLM?
  187. Paradox 10 executables
  188. duplicating suspended processes...
  189. Make duplicate USB dongle
  190. Trapping execution of an Acrobat .API plugin
  191. Newbie Question about Serials
  192. Can't find __vbaStrComp in OllyDbg ???
  193. INFECTED FILE: LordPE download on the Collaborative RCE Tool library
  194. HASP/HL Emulator 2007 Keygen Question
  195. any tools for cracking a hard webserver protection?
  196. Need Help Editing A Patch File
  197. A good and easy set of crackmes
  198. found a strange assembly language call
  199. Analyzing and debugging not linux binaries on linux
  200. How to analyse and fix PE integrity (not a valid win32 app)?
  201. unpacking program which is protected against debuggers
  202. Hiding Processes - Tried SSDT not able to perform
  203. Call a dll injected function from the host process
  204. JAR Signing Issue
  205. List of exe protectors
  206. CreateFile logging
  207. Section Table Question
  208. IDA Pro question
  209. Newbie looking help on how to change/add strings in ollydbg
  210. reversing a c++ struct from debugger
  211. I'm reversing a compiled TCL+Tk under Linux, can't find where it connects to the net
  212. Help me finalize this keygening stuf
  213. break point on a DLL
  214. I need help about EUTRON SmartKey USB Dongle
  215. [Cygwin GDB] how to find Segmentation fault at 0x00401277 in main() function
  216. [Ollydbg] how to break at main() function just like GDB?
  217. Loader Gen
  218. FlexLM 9.0 without license
  219. Winlicense HW Environment emulation?
  220. need help
  221. Using GNU C Compiler (GCC) debug symbols with IDA Pro and OllyDbg?
  222. wkt problem
  223. New and trying to learn
  224. modifying import table
  225. small help
  226. vmprotect
  227. FlexLM Space in NOTICE
  228. issues with windows 7?
  229. Bytes copy
  230. Beginner Delphi Reverse Article
  231. hasp 4 decode function in dos program
  232. Crack Request
  233. Problem with align
  234. dinky dongle
  235. Cheat Engine
  236. flexlm 11 license / new computer
  237. IDA function names
  238. Sentinel License Meter error
  239. Smartcheck on 2010 ?
  240. Strange situation
  241. where can i find tutorial for ida pseudo code
  242. JAvA Byte Code Reverse Engineering: problems while patching
  243. how to know what protector is used
  244. Crypkey 7.1 DLL Unpack
  245. trying to emulate a harlock E-Y-E dongle
  246. question about the seeds of Hardlock E-Y-E
  247. How to use Olly to debug a Windows process
  248. License generation WLSCGEN
  249. Run-time patching
  250. Which Api