The World versus Transcender Corp - Tutorial by AlpHaz

"No real need for me to comment this brief tutorial, add the lines to your WINICE.DAT and try them the very next time you want to quickly break a VB serial # protection, of course don't let this deter you from making a keymaker which might enhance your 'code feeling' skills". "Slightly edited by CrackZ". - Webpage.

Well I thought to myself today, maybe I can try the new way of cracking those VB programs that I don't really understand. I have been storing lots of VB programs on my hard disk and those are taking up quite some space now. Some day earlier I had downloaded tKC's new tutorials (15-20) and just opened them up to see what they offered.

The 18th tutorial was a 7-In-One deal, all from a guy named widYa-cL from 2011 & Tutorial #1 was about the wonderful games of Pretty Good Solitaire. So I read it. Hmm that VB trick. I added those rows in my WINICE.DAT and restarted. Then I tried on the newest PGS game v5.0, but no luck. Maybe it will go better next time.

Anyway, today I was back in those Transcender programs. Yes, I was studying.. I tend to be a MCSE. OK, I had used CORE's generic Key Generator for this, but that now seems to be outdated and I don't see any new upgrades from CORE :(. So then I thought, "Why don't you try this new method", here is the full solution:-

Put these rows in your WINICE.DAT:-

AF6="^s 0 l ffffffff 56,57,8B,7C,24,10,8B,74,24,0C,8B,4C,24,14,33,C0,F3,66,A7;"
AF7="^s 0 l ffffffff FF,75,E0,E8,85,EF,FF,FF,DC,1D,28,10,40,00,DF,E0,9E,75,03;"

Now, use ALT-F6 to check for VB4 and ALT-F7 for VB5, these are the patterns for Integer/Real compares, so I restarted and fired up one Transcender program and pressed Enable Program. You end up with the serial input screen. Now all of you have a different System_ID, but this 30 second trick will have your version registered (i.e. no need for a keymaker). Now, enter a dummy serial and 'bpx hmemcpy', Press F12 7 times and press ALT-F6.

SoftICE will find those lines. I think it might be the same offset for you, so mine was:- 017F:0F00D9EA. You should now clear the breakpoint set at hmemcpy setting a new one at the offset shown. Now press F5 to let SoftICE continue running the program and you will end up in a very famous location, then just do a 'D EDI' and there it is!.

If you plan to be a MCSE, use Transcender and if you intend to be updated with new questions and tips, BUY the software! They deserve it :).

AlpHaz [tNO '99].

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