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Guardant (Novex) PrivateRDs
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Hardlock modAds
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HASP Passwords
Sentinel DevIds and seed code page

Hardlock modAds

All of these I have dump files for and have successfully derived the Hardlock seeds (some are included below). Thanks to Sp0Raw's site for identifying some of the programs these dumps belong too.

04A3 WinStrand
0A04 RelCalc
199B Unknown Hardlock - Seed1=0xCB25, Seed2=0x9EE0, Seed3=0xA7B5
2272 RSLogix Guard Plus
2B1B Universal PST
3072 bipsim
3948 SprWnd4 (SuperWindows 4, Russian) - Seed1=0xA23D, Seed2=0x38F4, Seed3=0xA240
4B7B BoCAD - Seed1=0x9F9, Seed2=0x84E7, Seed3=0xB642
4E58 Anadelta
5189 EPlan
521F TDV Professional Bridge Engineering Software
69A6 KeyTerra
6AA4 DIASYS v2.32 / v2.40
6D5F CADdy
6FC1 ats
70D5 PTV

HASP Passwords

0111:612E Logo Software (BatchMatcher). MemoHASP-4
02EF:2055 Borat Digital Mapping Systems (GeoCAD v1.84). MemoHASP-1
0B9B:00C0 Varimetrix Corporation
0D23:2FA6 Predator Software Inc. (also used by NSee). MemoHASP-1
0DB5:38AE Dalet. MemoHASP-1
0DE9:3D4C Cimatron Ltd. MemoHASP-1
0E25:5037 CAD-DUCT (AutoCAD plugin). MemoHASP-1
11D8:011A Bilsag (Ceviri - Turkish / English Translation Software)
13A4:0A79 Maya Fusion v2.51b (eyeon Software)
14EE:52CE T-Racks Audio Mastering Software. MemoHASP
1923:7B83 ARC+ (ARC Render Pro / CimaRender)
19E1:76A8 EPDS v5.62 (0130), CB Automation. NetHASP
1EB3:7A75 ALLDATA Corp.
2209:713D Cimatron Ltd. TimeHASP
2459:2CF3 GraphiTech Ltd
2723:3F79 Guidance Software, Inc. (EnCase v4)
2ED1:4C0C Dynamic Controls Ltd. MemoHASP-1
2F75:2418 GESTEL spa (solidThinking)
3151:57B0 Triflex (Piping Solutions, Inc). NetHASP-4
3815:6B47 ALLDATA Corp. TimeHASP
3A5B:0194 Rebis
3C1D:2E55 Micro-Cap v6.0.4. MemoHASP-1
40C9:4AD2 ALLDATA Corp.
4285:6D3A Water Control Consultants Ltd (GINCON v7.00)
4985:2D1D Wilcox Associates
50DD:5D64 Research Engineers (STAADPro)
51B3:4E9B Robot Millenium v14.1
545B:1B42 Rebis. MemoHASP-1
56C9:3067 CADlink Technology Corp
584B:4AE9 Mastercam
5BFE:68DB Able Software Corp. MemoHASP-1
61BD:1DA4 Graffiti Software Industries Ltd
6655:0AC0 SDS. TimeHASP
68CD:1577 TH Invest S.R.L. Romania (WinMentor). MemoHASP-1
6D37:418A Rebis. NetHASP
7787:0D98 Freehand MX (Hebrew). MemoHASP-1.

Sentinel Developer ID's

0175 Gibbs & Associates
10DD Kodak
124B FeatureCAM
131C Focus Software, Inc (ZEMAX). (OW = DF0A / 18AD, W = 7719)
25CF SentinelLM v7.1
6C2B Guidance Software, Inc (EnCase v2.1x). (W = 4742)
9515 Aldec Inc. (OW=F58F / 8FEC, W = 7CC8)
A464 Planit Fusion (W = 4BE8)
A870 SentinelLM v7.1
ACA3 Citect
EB77 Delft GeoSystems (W = B0E9)
F033 Tekla Corp. (XSteel v6.0)
FA4B Surfware Inc. (Surfcam 2000)

OW = Overwrite passwords, W = Write password.

SentinelLM Vendor ID's

0x10DB Cullimore & Ring, SinapsPlus (v7.2)

Please contribute your own findings, it takes only 1 minute to do and might help banish another useless dongle :-).

Why are these even useful?

Well dear reversers, its very unlikely that the big dongle suppliers would actually want to change their dongle internals or make all of their customers recall the many hundreds of units they have sold for 'security reasons', so we can conclude that these passwords & ID's are going (barring a miracle) to stay the same for a considerable time. When you next get version <x> of target <y> you'll be able to easily find all the protection calls looking for the trademark PUSH's of these parameters.

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