CrackZ's FLEXlm & SentinelLM SDK's

OK, I'm now DESPERATE, you will read the IMPORTANT note below BEFORE even thinking of contacting me to request access to these SDK's; I can assure you that non-qualifying requests will be instantly deleted without exception.


Access to these SDK's is restricted solely to those *known* at any of the scene message boards (Woodmann / ExeTools) or those who can demonstrate a proven interest in requiring a specific SDK. Setting up access to these SDK's is very tedious for me personally, so please keep requests to a maximum of 2 SDK's and allow at least 7-10 days before chasing me again. Access to these files is also at my own discretion / prerogative and that of my host provider, it is most certainly not your right even if you meet the qualifying criteria and I retain the right to refuse your request (if you want to make sure that my e-mail filters did not drop your request use the MsgBoards to send me a message).

I mighten also add that the following strategies will also not succeed in gaining access.

i). Trying to gain access to the .htpasswd file.
ii). Random guessing of usernames or no username whatsoever.
iii). Attempting to list the directory index.

FLEXlm SDK v5.0b
FLEXlm SDK v5.0e Update
FLEXlm SDK v5.12 - requires setup serial #
FLEXlm SDK v6.0k
FLEXlm SDK v6.1g
FLEXlm SDK v7.0a
FLEXlm SDK v7.0b
FLEXlm SDK v7.0d
FLEXlm SDK v7.0e
FLEXlm SDK v7.0f
FLEXlm SDK v7.0g
FLEXlm SDK v7.1b
FLEXlm SDK v7.1c
FLEXlm SDK v7.1d
FLEXlm SDK v7.1e
FLEXlm SDK v7.1f
FLEXlm SDK v7.2a
FLEXlm SDK v7.2c
FLEXlm SDK v7.2d
FLEXlm SDK v7.2e
FLEXlm SDK v7.2f
FLEXlm SDK v7.2g
FLEXlm SDK v7.2h
FLEXlm SDK v7.2i
FLEXlm SDK v8.0b
FLEXlm SDK v8.0c
FLEXlm SDK v8.0d
FLEXlm SDK v8.1a
FLEXlm SDK v8.1b
FLEXlm SDK v8.3b
FLEXlm SDK v8.4a
FLEXlm SDK v8.4b
FLEXlm SDK v9.0
FLEXlm SDK v9.2d (Source Code)
FLEXlm SDK v9.2.2
FLEXlm SDK v9.2i
FLEXlm SDK v9.2k
FLEXlm SDK v10.1
FLEXlm SDK v10.1.3
FLEXlm SDK v10.8
FLEXlm SDK v10.8.0.10
FLEXlm SDK v10.8.2.3
FLEXlm SDK v10.8.4
FLEXlm SDK v10.8.5
FLEXlm SDK v11.4 *NEW*

SentinelLM SDK v7.0
SentinelLM SDK v7.1 (serial number included is for DevId 0x1C or use a DevId generator)
SentinelLM SDK v7.2
SentinelLM SDK v7.3
Sentinel RMS v8.0.0 Toolkit *NEW*
Sentinel RMS v8.0.4 Toolkit

Total: 52 SDK's.

Simply select the download you have received a login / password combination for.

If you have any missing SDK's and would like to contribute them to this archive (for the good of the scenes reverse engineers), please do not hesistate to contact me ;-).

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