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Ultra hash cracking tool

Tool name: Ultra hash cracking tool
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Author: Prof. Doc., Dr. Jiri Kocian CSc. Jr.                        
Current version: 1.54
Last updated: March 12, 2017
Direct D/L link: N/A
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Description: This cryptoanalytic tool is created for cracking one way hash function algorithms.
The program also can be useful as hash calculator. The feature of the new version is file hashing.

Ultra supports following hash algorithms:


Program uses bruteforce with different charsets and also random attack.
Exclusive option of this software is also ultrafast dictionary attack.

Release notes:

Since the version 1.54 there's a feature to save the generated hash to the binary file "hash.bin" and text file "hash.hex" in the program.

Since version 1.51.4.rc1 there's support for file hashing in this version and next versions of the Hash knife. There are still missing support for file hash in some algorithms. This will be implemented in future versions.

Since November 23, 2015 version 1.39s is available and contains variable salt string edit box. This version is available on the Website.

Since version 1.38 the program accepts zero length messages also as a Max. value (Min. = 0; Max. =0) to generate only zero length message.

Since version 1.31 Ultra handles zero length messages in brute force options (All combinations).

Program is tested in Windows 7/8.1/10.
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Image:Sc Ultra hash cracking tool 2017-3-23 12.45.jpg

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