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The Customiser

Tool name: The Customiser
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Author: Wanga International                        
Current version: 1.14
Last updated:
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License type: Shareware
Description: The Customiser allows you to quickly and permanently customise the interface of any application. All changes can be saved permanently and readily undone.

The Customiser allows you to set the position and size of any window, button or other control and set the text of these controls. These changes can be permanently saved for any application and readily undone when desired. You can also set The Customiser to automatically press those annoying extra buttons you have to press when you go through a certain procedure, like OK buttons that you always press and wish you could automate.

Fed up with windows that are too small to be useful. e.g. The Select directory window that appears in many applications or windows in MS Query. Enlarge this and other windows permanently. Have them appear exactly where you want.

Buttons disabled or hidden for security reasons? Have them automatically enabled whenever they appear or alternatively disable or hide other buttons for security reasons. The hidden version of The Customiser is great here.

Companies demonstrating their software can customise their interface for each potential client. Use your client´┐Żs name in the title. Change the text, size or position of any button to more accurately reflect how that client will use the interface.

Use The Customiser to change the text that appears in any application to another language that is available on your machine. This provides an easy way to give an International edge to your software. Remember you can save all changes permanently.

Any Windows API message can be sent to any window automatically.

For the home user, imagine the fun of renaming your programmes - use your name or any text that better helps you understand its function. Think of the convenience of moving the buttons and windows you use most frequently to the place that's perfect for the way you use your computer programmes.

A hidden version of The Customiser is available for un-limited distribution.

You can also embed The Customiser as a DLL in your own application.
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