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Tool name: SysDasm
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Author: Kayaker                        
Current version:
Last updated: October 26, 2007
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free / Open Source
Description: Full-Text Disassembler DLL Export Module for Kernel Mode

I use the source code of NDISASM, the Netwide Disassembler portion of NASM, compiled into a user mode DLL, for use in various reversing projects that incorporate a disassembler component. Recently I decided to recompile the code into a *kernel mode* DLL, to see what use might be made of it in a driver context. The result may be of interest to some, perhaps as a self contained full-text disassembly module for testing or development (i.e. "playing"), or simply as an example of creating and using kernel mode export drivers.

The full-text disassembly module, SysDasm.sys, is created with a single export, which acts as a wrapper around the NDISASM internal disasm routine. This export-only driver is loaded from another driver, either by linking to it explicitly, or by loading it with ZwSetSystemInformation using the SystemLoadImage class.

In this type of export module, the DriverEntry routine is never called but exists so the file is compiled correctly as a .sys driver. If you want to design such a Kernel Mode DLL with functional entry/exit routines, you can add PRIVATE exports declared as DllInitialize/DllUnload. For more on this see for example
DLLs in Kernel Mode by Tim Roberts

The easiest way to use such a kernel mode DLL is to include its .LIB file when compiling the driver which will communicate with it, and to declare the functions you want to import with EXTERN_C DECLSPEC_IMPORT. When the driver is loaded by the system, this second module is loaded as a required kernel DLL and the functions can then be called directly by name. The DLL is unloaded by the system when the driver closes.
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