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Tool name: SniffUSB
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: Thomas F. Divine / Benoit Papillault                        
Current version: 2.0.0006
Last updated: February 23, 2007
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free / Open Source
Description: Overview

SniffUSB 2.0 is a minor update to the predecessor SniffUSB 1.8 by Benoit Papillault.

The purpose of this release is actually to update Benoit's prior work to allow it to be built under newer development tools. In particular:
* The SniffUSB application is built under Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
* The UsbSnoop driver is built under the Windows Vista Driver Kit (WDK 6000)

Benoit deserves quite a bit of credit because his V1.8 application and driver ported to these newer tools with very little effort.

Thanks, Benoit!

This release does not fix any bugs from Benoit's V1.8 release and does not offer any new functionality.

After making the initial port of the UsbSnoop driver to WDK 6000 (which went smoothly...) I did make additional modifications to the driver code. Most of these were to make the code more readable - at least to me.

The V2.0 UsbSnoop driver changes included:
* Fixed a small number of PreFast warnings.
* Replaced deprecated functions with newer preferred functions.
* Now use lookaside lists for repetitive fixed-size allocations.
* Removed dead code.
* Simplified some code paths.
* Reorganized code and renamed variables and functions to suit my tastes.
* Replaced driver core dispatch template with that of the WDK 6000 filter.cpp sample driver.

In addition I removed some functionality:
* SniffUSB 2.0 does NOT support Windows 98/ME
* SniffUSB 2.0 does NOT support Windows 2000

I did very little work on the SniffUSB MFC application. Changes that I did make include:
* Replaced some deprecated functions with newer preferred functions.
* Fixed some complier warnings.
* Revised the folder organization for compiler and linker output.
* Added x64 configurations.
* Fixed "Present" indication. (V2.0.0004)
* Improved display refresh control. (V2.0.0004)
* Control whether devices that are not present are listed. (V2.0.0004)
* Added "Uninstall All" button. (V2.0.0005)
* Added mechanism to pause/resume logging. (V2.0.0006)
* Added mechanism to allow the log file to be closed and deleted reliably. (V2.0.0006)

SniffUSB 2.0 now supports only Windows XP and higher.

Benoit's original SniffUSB V1.8 source and executables can be found at the URL:
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