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Reflexive games Unwrapper

Tool name: Reflexive games Unwrapper
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: eraser                        
Current version: 1.3
Last updated: January 23, 2009
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: unWrapper for the games protected by 'ReflexiveGameWrapper'
created by eraser, May/2007

devoted to ARTeam, thx anorganix and Shub-Nigurrath [ARTeam]

Version 1.3:
The new v1.3 (TASM) of Reflexive Unwrapper is distributed with a special one (MASM) v1.0 which also supports Win9x/ME. Win9x is dead but not for everyone and of course the source code is included so anyone can take a look how to set BP on API in Win9x/ME, hmm an educational purpose.
File doc\history.txt included in both the two versions.

--- TEST notes ---

Win9x/ME supported!

tested on: MS Windows 2000 SP4, thx Arab3h
tested on: MS Windows XP Professional SP2

games: Scrubbles, War Chess, Rocket Bowl, Alien Shooter, Sheeplings,
Scavenger, Egyptoid, Aztec Bricks

games: Naval Strike, Mirror Magic, Wild West Billy, After The End, Brickquest,
Devastation Zone Troopers, Law And Order The Vengeful Heart

Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition
unwrap and replace the bytes with 0100 0001 100E 0000 at offset 0x4DF9C

games: Pizza Panic, Magic Ball 2, Magic Ball 3, Magic Ball 2 New Worlds,
Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst, Zombie Smashers X2, Pipeline, Westward

games: Little Shop Of Treasures, Big Kahuna Reef, Slingo, Temple of Bricks,
Bricks of Egypt, Bricks of Atlantis, WW2 Pacific Heroes, Yahtzee

games: Mysteriwille, Death on The Nyle

games: Amazonia, AstroAvenger, Jets N Guns GOLD, Project Xenoclone,
Rage Of Magic 2, Rikki And Mikki To The Rescue, Roman Bowl,
Age of Castles (thx GEEK)

games: The Dark Legions (thx npad69), Alice Greenfingers, Bullet Candy,
FastCrawl (MS .NET Framework), Ancient Hearts And Spades, Neon Wars

games: Puzzle Detective (thx Ghandi),
80 days, Venice, Secrets of Great Art, The Magicians Handbook,
Chocolatier (thx SSlEvIN), Mexican Motor Mafia

games: Yahtzee Texas Hold Em (RWG file is replaced with Raw_001.exe), Penguins Journey,
Westward II Heroes Of The Frontier, Astro Avenger 2

usage (default)
1. run unwrapper.exe and select a target/game
2. click on 'Play Game' button within 10 seconds
3. run *.RWG.exe file in the game's folder

note: .RWG file can also be replaced by, e.g., an .exe file (supported)

example (Alien Shooter)
1. install the game e.g. into "D:\games\Alien Shooter"
2. run unwrapper.exe
3. select "D:\games\Alien Shooter\AlienShooter.exe"
4. click on 'Play Game' button
5. delete/move/backup files AlienShooter.exe and AlienShooter.RWG
6. rename AlienShooter.RWG.exe to AlienShooter.exe
7. delete all files from "D:\games\Alien Shooter\ReflexiveArcade"
folder except unins000.exe and unins000.dat
8. run AlienShooter.exe

example (Yahtzee Texas Hold Em)
1. install the game e.g. into "D:\games\Yahtzee Texas Hold Em"
2. run unwrapper.exe
3. select "D:\games\Yahtzee Texas Hold Em\YahtzeeTexasHoldEm.exe"
4. click on 'Play Game' button
5. delete/move/backup files YahtzeeTexasHoldEm.exe and Raw_001.exe
6. rename Raw_001.exe.exe to YahtzeeTexasHoldEm.exe
7. delete all files from "D:\games\Yahtzee Texas Hold Em\ReflexiveArcade"
folder except unins000.exe and unins000.dat
8. run YahtzeeTexasHoldEm.exe

--- RE notes ---

game.exe - loader/decrypter
game.rwg - encrypted game (optional)

CreateProcess, game.rwg, CREATE_SUSPENDED
ReadProcessMemory, read encrypted chain from game.rwg at BaseAddress
WriteProcessMemory, write decrypted chain into game.rwg at BaseAddress
ResumeThread, execute game.rwg

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