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Tool name: RLPack
Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)
Author: ap0x                        
Current version: 1.20
Last updated: November 30, 2007
Direct D/L link:
License type: Shareware
Description: RLPack is a software that gives you the power to compress your executables and dynamic link libraries in a way that keeps them small and has no effect on compressed file functionality. Further more RLPack protects your files from modification and has several protection options which help protecting your files from being changed or cracked. But compression and protection does not stop there. RLPack with iBox module can pack your dynamic link libraries and place them inside the main executable so they can not be modified. They are extracted directly to memory (or optionally to disk) hiding their presence and enabling you to keep your dynamic link libraries safe from being used by third party programs or users.
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Nice work ap0x

If you have to choose among BitSum technologies' (Jeremy Collake) PECompact which also implements modular techniques, and RLPack - you don't have to think too much :) The purity of the code in RLPack main skeleton has been made of far better material than the old guy's software. It seems that he didn't see disassembler for years :)

I'm really interested how the unlocked version looks like (just to put few quick looks inside :) - but if it is writen as this public release (very likely, this version is cutoff from the real thing, good thinking), it is surely worth every single cent you'll pay for this level of protection (there are some other protections known to the author, pretty mature, developed over decade and pretty twisted, but hey, this software is called "RLPack", anything you get from the protection side is just a present to you! (unlike Mr. Collake, who is selling separately his protection module - on the end, neither satisfies; he claims that some kind of protection exists in PECompact, however, by my best knowledge, PECompact is cracked and available in the wild - did you see ripped and raped RLPack version? I didn't - so if the author is unable to protect himself, how can you expect that he'll protect you?).

It is also pretty unfair of him to compare LZMA algorithm he implemented like his own achievement and compare it with other PE packers, intentionally (c'mon, he doesn't know how to Google? he "doesn't feel lucky?" :) omitting MEW, FSG 2.0 (instead, he's presenting FSG 1.33 results) and aND's Pack 2 (apk2), as well as some other scener's packers.

Now, if you want to use really affordable protection (if you are a student or the programmer that started to fight with side effects of his work and achievements, a small company, whatever), this product is exactly what do you need.

Unfortunately, ap0x' book (yes, the book on security related techniques) is available only in Serbian, but even if you just take a look at the code in it you will realize *who* is actually protecting your property - RLPack is just a mean to achieve the goal.

Wormly recommended to the masses.

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