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Tool name: RE-SIGS
Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)
Author: dihux                        
Website: N/A
Current version: v0.14
Last updated: August 8, 2011
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: from readme.txt:

RE-SIGS is a signature file for IDA.

RE-SIGS does not support delphi signatures anymore.
Maybe there will be a pure delphi version in the future.

Help out with the project if you want :-)

Copy RESIGS*.sig into IDA\sig

- MIRACL v43 v54 v72 v85 v45 v510 v474 v542 v544
- BigLib v0.01e by roy
- ECC Bignums
- Borzoilib
- BigNumberQs
- Freelip
- GiantInt
- Mixint v0.7
- Bignum library by drizz v1.0 RC2
- Bignum library v1.0 by _ged/TKM!
- Witeg's biglib
- Pegwit v8.7
- Pegwit modified version found in software
- Slavasoft FastCRC Library v1.51
- Slavasoft QuickCrypt Library v2.51
- Slavasoft QuickHash Library v3.02
- libtomcrypt v1.16
- libtommath v0.39
- Cryptohash by drizz all versions up to v1.0 RC4
- FGInt

+ many more

- masm32v10lib
- fpuv10lib // from masm32 pack
- datetimev10lib // from masm32 pack
- mfmplayer v?
- minifmod v?
- pnglib v?
- many user identified procedures
- many known hashes/cipher implementations
- textscroller v? lib // requested
- rceapi // precompiled

+ many more

6522 identified functions

Requests, incorrect named functions, fake hits, contributions
tips etc. goes to me at IRC EFNet.

v0.14 08.08.2011 PUBLIC
v0.13 10.01.2011 INTERNAL
v0.12 14.11.2010 INTERNAL
v0.11 05.10.2010 INTERNAL
v0.10 02.07.2010 INTERNAL
v0.09 24.06.2010 INTERNAL
v0.08 30.11.2009 INTERNAL
v0.07 24.09.2009 INTERNAL
mr. anon#3 contributed with:
- Pegwit v8.7 // compiled with VC9
- Pegwit modified version found in software
- Slavasoft FastCRC Library v1.51 // precompiled
- Slavasoft QuickCrypt Library v2.51 // precompiled
- Slavasoft QuickHash Library v3.02 // precompiled
- libtomcrypt v1.16 // compiled with vs6 and vs2008
- libtommath v0.39 // compiled with vs6 and vs2008

v0.06 19.09.2009 INTERNAL
mr. anon#2 requested:
- textscroller lib // precompiled

v0.05 06.09.2009 INTERNAL
v0.04 25.08.2009 INTERNAL
v0.03 24.08.2009 INTERNAL
mr. anon#1 requested:
- masm32v10lib // precompiled
- fpuv10lib // precompiled
- datetimev10lib // precompiled
- mfmplayer // precompiled
- minifmod // precompiled
- pnglib // precompiled

v0.02 25.07.2009 INTERNAL
v0.01 09.07.2009 INTERNAL
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