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Tool name: PunchIt
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: CondZero / ARTeam                        
Current version: 1.2
Last updated: January 18, 2011
Direct D/L link:
License type: Free
Description: It is a program useful to automatically inject into ANY application your sound and music. The music will be played in background when the program runs as before.

The tool comes with a comprehensive help file

Current Release: v1.2 January 2011

+ fix problem when extracting to temp
+ fix dialog repainting issue
+ all PECompact2 c2t*.tmp files (located in your temporary folder) are deleted if the compress option is chosen upon exiting the application
+ extract to temp and overwrite existing options now default
+ add ability to select a custom Icon (*.ico) file
+ latest build of Bass Audio module v2.4.6

Key features

Works with most windows 32 bit executable files (including packed / protected files) via a wrapper program, alternately called a Loader, a small piece of code and data attached to processed modules / music (files) that is responsible for extracting the application / music files and launching the application whilst playing the sound file.
Bass Audio module v2.4.6 (win32 version) capable of playing:
Streamable files:
MOD music files:

PECompact2 v2.94.1 (Student build) compresses modules substantially better than that of the common compression software such as RAR and ZIP, and is more reliable in compressing certain types of packed / encrypted executable files than UPX. This is accomplished through advanced techniques of pre-processing a module to make it more compressible when passed to the compression algorithm.
Replaces the icon from either a custom Icon (*.ico) file or the source input executable file (if found) into the new output executable file.
Requires no programming knowledge to use.

Please test and report any probs. As can sometimes happen, if you choose a packed / protected
source executable, you may run into problems compressing and should choose the non compress
option. This is not a fault of the application, but a limitation imposed by compressor programs
such as PECompact2 (Student build) v1.94.1 (latest).
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Screenshot of PunchIt

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