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Proview aka PVDasm

Tool name: Proview aka PVDasm
Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
Author: Bengaly                        
Current version: 1.7d
Last updated: August 20, 2011
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: The Proview (a.k.a PVDasm) Disassembler is Free, Interactive, Multi-CPU (Intel 80x86/ Chip8) that includes many features which allows the user to perform analysis on the target image file. PVDasm currently support image files of executable files (.exe), dynamic executable images (.dll) and Game-Boy image files (.gb/.gbc). Proview disassembler is being developed now for over 6 years and the work has never stopped (might be delayed) since than. PVDasm is always intended to be a free disassembler without any profits what so ever, this makes Proview different than the other disassemblers' out there.

PVDasm has been coded by me in 2002, history can shows that the first Proview engine was developed as a side project and was integrated as a part of a packer identifier which was also coded by me and was released in the name and version of Proview v0.8. Later that year this has changed, PVDasm disassembly engine has recoded from scratch with the aid of Intel x86 Books and the online opcode decoding tutorials and information of The-Svin as a project for my university. Proview disassembler disassembly engine does not use any 3rd party code or any other disassembler's code and operates by its own code. Currently the engine decodes the Intel 80x86 (32Bit) architecture (and hopefully later on will support the 64Bit architecture decoding) and support the different operation sets such as MMX/SSEx/3D Now! More than Intel CPUs, PVDasm also decodes the Chip8 CPU (an old CPU with minimal set of opcodes) which was used years ago for gaming.

Support and Features in Proview Disassembler:

* Reads/Edits the PE (32Bit) and PE+ (64Bit) Image files.
* Integrated Hex Editor (Extension dll from RadASM).
* Integrated Process Manager and Dumper (Not working on Windows 7 yet).
* Source Code Generator and Wizard (Only for MASM Compiler).
* Plug-in SDK Architecture.
* Coloring Themes/Custom Themes for disassembly coloring.
* Function Parameters Recognition.
* Data/Function Entries Manager (Define your own data/code section blocks).
* Produce PVDasm .MAP file and Support for IDA MAP Files (using ida2pv IDC script) for better analysis.
* First Pass analyzer (Simple Analyzer).
* Easy GUI Interface and features.
* Code Patcher (Edit image and apply changes on the fly).
* View/Search Function References and String References.
* View Call/Jxx Bodies without the need to trace (Hover on the a JMPx/CALL address)
* Create and Load PVDasm Disassembly projects.
* Create And Execute Scripts using PVScript Engine.

*Fixed the bug in the status bar, when clicking on a disassembled line PVDasm did not show the actual Code Address / Code Offset.
*Fixed a nasty crash when PVDasm tried to resolve an APIs calls way outside of the current disassembled [code] section. (Bad Pointer, access violation)
*Fixed a nasty crash when PVDasm tried to access a dword instead of a word from a memory location, which caused a memory acceess violation crash.
*Increased buffer size in XRef resolving, which caused a stack run time error.
*Fixed PVDasm (64bit) Import table resolve!! PVDasm 64Bit crashed due to memory access violation when tried accessing the import table using PIMAGE_THUNK_DATA64 instead of PIMAGE_THUNK_DATA32 for normal PE files. this is done by adding #define PIMAGE_THUNK_DATA PIMAGE_THUNK_DATA32 for x64 build.
*PE/PE+ Editor fixed in PVDasm 64Bit!!
*Menu bar re-ordered.
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Screenshot of Proview aka PVDasm

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unreleased version

1.7b isn't release yet, I know it takes time, but I will release it as soon as I can! - $MS doesn't make it easier with x64 builds :-) - Bengaly (23/05/2010)


1.7b released, check out woodman forums and download it! - Bengaly (27/03/2011)

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