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Tool name: PhantOm
Rating: 5.0 (2 votes)
Author: Hellsp@wn & Archer & Olenevod                        
Website: N/A
Current version: 1.54
Last updated: January 7, 2009
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: Plugin (with driver) for hiding OllyDbg from following methods of detection:

// driver - extremehide.sys

[+] NtQueryInformationProcess.
[+] SetUnhandledExceptionFilter.
[+] OpenProcess.
[+] Invalid Handle.
[+] NtSetInformationThread.
[+] RDTSC.
[+] NtYieldExecution.
[+] NtQueryObject.
[+] NtQuerySystemInformation.
[+] Windows hide.
[+] GetProcessTimes.
[+] NtSetContextThread.

// plugin - PhantOm.dll

[+] PEB BeingDebugged.
[+] PEB NtGlobalFlag.
[+] GetStartupInfo.
[+] Process Heaps.
[+] GetTickCount.
[!] Protect DRx.
[!] Hide DRx.
[!] Fake Windows version.
[!] Custom Handler.
[+] BlockInput

What's new - 1.30
[*] Captions of main and CPU windows can be manually set (CAPTEXT and PRETEXT in OllyDbg's ini-file). By default, they are named "PhantOm" and "o_O".
[*] Fixed some bugs in "custom handler exceptions" feature
[*] Other minor fixes

What's new - 1.26
[*] Fixed bug with loading driver
[*] Fixed bug with memory breakpoints
(Now, when "custom handler exceptions" option is
checked - memory breapoints on access/write will work,
but break-on-access won't work)
[*] Fixed bug with updating plugin (after previous version)

What's new - 1.25
[*] Now you can manually set names of services (HIDENAME and RDTSCNAME)
[*] Fixed some minor bugs
[*] Fixed bug with memory breakpoints

What's new - 1.20
[*] Added own exception handler (C0000005)
[*] Added option to change caption of main OllyDbg window
[*] Added own exception handler (OUTPUT_DEBUG_STRING_EVENT)
[*] Impoved removing of int 3 breakpoint at EP, when pause is set to "system breakpoint"
[*] Added hook for BlockInput (only for Windows XP)
[*] Added own exception handler (C0000094)
[*] Added hide from GetStartupInfo
[*] Fixed bug with plugin options
[*] Added protection from detecting driver
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