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Tool name: pev
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: Fernando Merc√™s, Jardel Weyrich                        
Current version: 0.70
Last updated: December 27, 2013
Direct D/L link:
License type: Open Source (GPLv3)
Description: pev is a free and open source multi-platform PE file analysis toolkit,
that provide the following tools:

* pehash - calculate PE file hashes
* pedis - PE disassembler
* pepack - packer detector
* peres - view and extract PE file resources
* pescan - search for suspicious things in PE files, including TLS callbacks
* pesec - check security features and certificates in PE files
* pestr - search for unicode and ascii strings in PE files
* readpe - show PE file headers, sections and more
* rva2ofs - convert RVA to raw file offsets
* ofs2rva - convert raw file offsets to RVA

Features include:

* Based on own PE library, called libpe
* Support for PE32 and PE32+ (64-bit) files
* Formatted output in text and CSV (other formats in development)
* pesec: check security features in PE files, extract certificates and more
* readpe: parse PE headers, sections, imports and exports
* pescan: detect TLS callback functions, DOS stub modification,
suspicious sections and more
* pedis: disassembly a PE file section or function with support for
Intel and AT&T syntax
* Include tools to convert RVA from file offset and vice-versa
* pehash: calculate PE file hashes
* pepack: detect if an executable is packed or not
* pestr: search for hardcoded Unicode and ASCII strings simultaneously
in PE files
* peres: show and extract PE file resources
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