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Tool name: PDB
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: servil                        
Current version: ?
Last updated: 2008
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Freeware
Description: This is yet another extension built on original Datarescue`s PDB plugin.

Main enhancements from original plugin:
* Integrates advantages of Microsoft Debug Information Accessor (DIA). The
interface provided by DIA offers more complete description of executable
against DbgHelp(ImagHlp) API. If DIA server is not installed DbgHelp's engine
is used (use newest version possible to achieve best results).
* Preserved names mangling on public symbols (ida still shows C prototype where
full ida typeinfo can't be successfully set).
* Replication of complex types (struct, enum) and typedefs from PDB.
* Scoped UDT members handled (inherited members and nested typedefs, structs
and enums).
* Exact format to static data symbols and static struct members, forced code at
function start (extern symbols format preserved).
* Full ida typeinfo to static symbols and struct members.
* Names, exact format and full ida typeinfo to function arguments and local
symbols stored at frame, recursive traversal all nested sub-blocks of function
(with DIA only). Supported (both top and bottom) ebp- and esp-based frame
models, support for register variables and params was removed during testing
(see known problems and anomalies/#3).
* Source lines import to idabase where file accessible (as anterior lines).
* Foreign program databases support for importing data types only. Selective
filtering of unwanted types is offered before own storage. For this feature
call the plugin with argument 2 (use IDC command or edit plugins.cfg for that).
* Alots of minor adjustments not worth to mention.
* No UI (lazy) - always apply all features.

Source code included.
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