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Memory Hacking Software

Tool name: Memory Hacking Software
Rating: 5.0 (2 votes)
Author: L. Spiro                        
Current version: 6.1
Last updated: December 5, 2009
Direct D/L link:
License type: Free
Description: Highly advanced software for memory search/analysis and trainer creation. Recommended!

MHS 6.1 (bundle):
Bundle includes MHS.exe, MHS Help.chm, zlib1.dll, and ChangeLog.txt.

* Fastest Searching
-- Data-Type Search
-- Pointer Search
-- String Search (ASCII, Unicode, Hex Bytes, Wildcard, Regular Expressions)
-- Group Search (Includes Pattern Matching)
-- Expression Search (Extremely Flexible)
-- Script Search (The Ultimate in Custom Searching)

* Debugger
-- Very Stable
-- Customizable Breakpoints

* Disassembler

* Code Filter
-- Easiest Way to Find Functions

* Auto-Hack

* Auto-Assembler
-- 90% Same Language/Syntax as in Cheat Engine

* DLL Injector
-- Injects any DLL into the Target Process
-- Uninject Later, Automatically or Manually
-- Remotely Call ANY Functions in the Injected DLL(s), Regardless of Calling Convention, Return Type, or Number of Parameters

* Integrated Script Language
-- IDE/Compiler Built-In
-- Syntax Matches C; No Learning Curve
-- Compiled for Fast Execution
-- Full API
-- Includes Features Specially for Hacking

* Real-Time Hex Editor
-- Fully Featured Real-Time Hex Editor for Both RAM and Files
-- Allows Browsing of Kernel RAM

* Kernel Driver
-- Allows Bypassing Anti-Cheat Systems
-- Allows Reading/Writing of Kernel RAM

* Converter

* RAM Watcher

* Memory Allocator
-- Allocates Memory in the Target Process
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