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Tool name: MemMAP
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: a_d_13                        
Current version: 0.1.2
Last updated: October 9, 2010
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: MemMAP is a tool inspired by j00ru's KernelMAP. I've written my own version with a couple more interesting features. A list follows:

* More memory types included (kernel thread stacks and GDI objects)
* Ability to visualize the memory of a user-mode process
* Help dialog with description of memory types
* Refresh feature

When run without arguments, it will display a map of kernel memory. You can visualize a process by running "memmap -p <process id>". To refresh, press F5. To show help, press F1.

The framed area is organized such that the top-left corner is address 0x80000000, and the bottom right corner is 0xFFFFF000 (or, for user-mode processes, 0x00000000 - 0x7FFFF000). Each pixel represents one page of memory (4096 bytes).
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Screenshot of MemMAP

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