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Tool name: mdmp
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: Vlad-Ioan Topan                        
Current version: 0.2.5 beta
Last updated: May 2011
Direct D/L link:
License type: GPL V3
Description: mdmp - open-source x86 memory/process (command-line) dumper with Python bindings

libmdmp is a C library designed to dump process memory on Windows.

mdmp.exe is a command-line tool exposing most functionality in libmdmp (process/stack/heap/random-mem-address dumping).

pymdmp.pyd is a Python wrapper (only built for 2.7 as of now, trivial to adapt to any 2.x) exposing the memory-dumping functionality in Python.

Example usage:

mdmp.exe /n:explo /e:kernel
- will dump all modules (DLLs) whose name contains "kernel" from all the processes whose name contains "explo"

import pymdmp
lst = pymdmp.dump(pymdmp.SEL_BY_NAME, pymdmp.DUMP_IMAGE_BY_NAME, 0, processName="explo", moduleName="kernel")
- will return in lst a list of tuples (<process_name>, <PID>, <dump-start-address>, <dump-data>)

Delphi bindings are planned. Feedback is welcome @ vtopan/gmail.

Requires the VC 2005 runtime.
Related URLs:
Usage information - mdmp.exe:
Usage information - pymdmp.pyd:

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