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Tool name: MasmBasic
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: jj2007                        
Current version: 2017.10.04
Last updated: October 4, 2017
Direct D/L link:;topic=94.0;attach=7170
License type: free and open source
Description: MasmBasic is a library that allows to use BASIC syntax in assembler, i.e. it is not a "separate" language but rather a library of macros and routines, fully compatible with the latest Masm32 SDK (version 11), MASM (version 6.15 and higher, e.g. version 8.0) and JWasm . While MasmBasic is pretty stable, it is still Assembler, therefore the usual disclaimers apply - do not use for military purposes, in hospitals and anywhere else where buggy applications could cause damage. You have been warned :)

To install the library, double-click MbSetup.exe in the downloaded archive.

For an overview of the about 200 functions available, see \Masm32\MasmBasic\MbGuide.rtf (after extracting the archive of course) or see the (incomplete) MasmBasic Quick Reference online.

Latest additions: For_ each x$ in My$(), improved Switch_, GetFiles returns UTF8 now, WebCam, GetProcessArray(), new GSL lib, Choose, fast MemSet, Instr_() and Sinus() , Data, Read, GuiXX functions, Split$, Join$, Filter$, commandline to Files$(), GfCallback, true Unicode, also in file I/O; UnzipFile, ArraySet, SetReg64 for 64-bit registry settings, ArrayMerge, Age(), GetRegArrays, unsigned LONGLONG in Str$(), ShEx, xls interface, ArrayPlot, AddWin$, WritePipe, Plugins, IsFolder(), wOpen, FileOpen$/FileSave$, also as Unicode versions, Extract$, Dialogs, COM support (CoInvoke, GuidsEqual(), IUnknown, VARIANT, ...), improved ANSI and Unicode commandline macros CL$()/wCL$(), improved xHelp, Launch$(), Try/Catch/Finally, ...

From June 2015 onwards, MasmBasic is Windows 8 compatible. From March 2015 onwards, float counters are valid in For_ ... Next. From 10 Feb 2015 onwards, xmm regs are preserved for all
MasmBasic commands. Note that simple Windows API calls can trash them on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Note that you need either JWasm (highly recommended) or at least ML.EXE version 6.15 to use the MasmBasic library; ML 6.14 (the old version that is included with the Masm32 SDK, see \Masm32\bin) is not sufficient, because MasmBasic contains SSE2 code.
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