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Marxio File Checksum Verifier

Tool name: Marxio File Checksum Verifier
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Author: Marek Mantaj                        
Current version: 1.6.2
Last updated: December 29, 2009
Direct D/L link: N/A
License type: Freeware
Description: Portable file checksum verifier that allows you to calculate many file checksums (hashes) and compare them with original one. Thanks to its simplicity and portability, it aims to be a portable, versatile and "must have" tool for dealing with single files and their checksums - to calculate, compare and verify them.

Marxio FCV supports major checksum types:
- CRC32,
- MD4,
- MD5,
- SHA1,
- SHA-256,
- SHA-384,
- SHA-512,
- RIPEMD-128,
- RIPEMD-160,
- HAVAL 256,
- TIGER 192.

"Drag and drop" function - all you need to to is to drag a file from Windows Explorer onto the form to calculate selected checksum type.

Context menu - optional integration with Explorer context menu with Your custom text and defined selected checksum to calculate

Compare checksums - with other selected checksum.

Large files support - with size over 32 GB.

Very fast - calculate 4 GB large DVD file/image in 2 minutes using md5 algorithm.

Portable version - one-file program, just one executable file.

Interface - simple, eye friendly with mini-form available.

Keyboard shortcuts - as much handy shortcuts as possible, even for copy and paste checksum from clipboard

Save checksum to file - checksum and filename.

History - save all calculated checksums to file.

Additional settings - stay-on-top, save windows position and last used checksum type, show mini-form, show hashes in upper or lowercase, break function, high contrast themes support, log file, snap to edge - all are configurable.

Frequent updates - new releases published even a week !

Vision difficulties - this application provides support for users with vision difficulties (vision impairment) - tries to respect Windows skins and color schemas.

Marxio FCV is a clean software. It does not contain any adverts. It does not integrate with Windows (unless user requested) and does not install any additional software nor it has spying mechanisms.

If you haven't found the function in this tool you looked for, I can develop it.

Marxio FCV target is to quickly calculate and verify ONE file and one checksum, not more. It's not any limit but this application works this way. Other application is being developed for calculating more files.
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Screenshot of Marxio File Checksum Verifier

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