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MHS (Memory Hacking Software)

Tool name: MHS (Memory Hacking Software)
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Author: L. Spiro                        
Current version: 6.1
Last updated: December 5, 2009
Direct D/L link:
License type: Free
Description: MHS is a utility for searching, viewing, and modifying the RAM of other processes, and for disassembling and debugging other processes.

MHS sports the fastest and most efficient searches available, an advanced, colorful, and easy-to-use real-time Hex Editor, a Debugger with unique features, a Disassembler, and an extensive scripting language (L. Spiro Script) yielding unlimited potential.

The array of tools offered in MHS can make hacking any game easy.

Here is a compact list of tools and features:

Data-Type Searches
Fastest searches available.
Search for types char, byte, short, unsigned short, int, long, unsigned long, 64-bit integer, float, and double.
Search for exact values, values not equal to, ranges, greater than, less than, and unknown.
Group Searches
Find unordered sets of data.
Find relative lists of data.
String Searches
Find hex strings, ASCII strings, Unicode strings, Wildcard strings, and Regular-Expression strings.
Boyer Moore Algorithm for fast searching.
Pointer Searches
Fastest search possible.
Quickly find both static and dynamic pointers.
Script Searches
The most powerful searches possible.
You have full control over what values are found during a search.
Able to replicate all search types available in all software, now and forever.
All addresses shown after a search and without delay; no need to view “only the first 100” returns.
Convert from any type to any other type, both big and little endian.
RAM Watcher
View the RAM of the target process in real-time.
Multiple display types shown simultaneously.
Real-Time Expression Evaluator
Evaluates even the most complex of expressions.
Shows expression results in real-time; especially useful for following changing pointer locations or changing expressions.
Hex Editor
Edit files and RAM.
Files open instantly, regardless of size, and RAM is shown in real-time.
Multiple display types show you RAM and files in characters, bytes, shorts, ints, floats, doubles, and more.
Full undo/redo.
Many options and full customization.
Breakpoint functionality can be assigned by the user, and breakpoints can call user-defined script functions for the ultimate do-what-you-want.
Hardware breakpoints.
Read/write software breakpoints (watchpoints).
The Debugger issues debugging events that can be handled by scripts, allowing the user to perform any and all operations he or she desires at key times during debugging.
Shows names of known functions.
Logging (to be finished).
Addresses of all imported/exported functions shown.
Auto-Hack shows you every read, write, or access to an address, and extremely advanced features will be coming soon (automatic back-tracking down to the root pointer).
Exlanations of ASM instructions are provided in real-time, explaining what each instruction is going to do and offering previews of the results.
Process threads are updated in real-time and useful information about them is displayed.
Injection Manager
Complete and feature-rich injection suite.
Code caves can be found automatically, defined by the user, or created.
Code preview shows you the code before injecting.
Automatically adds the JMP back to the original code and adds the overwritten code to the code cave.
Injections are automatically saved, and options allow to inject automatically when the process is reloaded later.
Automatic injections are always safe; injections are verified before being automatically injected.
Script Editor
Syntax coloring.
Code folding.
Functions listed and easily navigated.
Many assignable keys and functions.
Two hotkey implementations in case the game blocks one or the other.
MHS is extremely stable. Currently there are no known issues.
But the biggest feature in MHS is that it is constantly updated.
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