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Tool name: IRPTrace
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Author: APSoft                        
Current version: 1.00.007
Last updated: September 18, 2005
Direct D/L link: N/A
License type: Commercial
Description: IrpTrace is a tool that watches I/O request packages (IRP) sent to kernel-mode driver(s) of Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Information about IRP requests can be sent to remote debugger and/or saved to a file. The collected information is available for instantaneous or deferred analysis, which makes this tool indispensable for debugging and support of device drivers.

Debug and support drivers

If a driver causes system crash or hangs at processing of an IRP, IrpTrace can help to locate buggy handler by information sent to remote debugger or output window of terminal application. Usually developers insert debug messages to locate crash point. Advantage of IrpTrace in that that: a) it can do it for non-debug version of drivers; b) developer can save time using for writing debug code.

If a driver forgets to complete an IRP request, it can cause various problems (up to system hang or blue screen). The list of not completed IRP requests can be determined using IrpTrace.

Windows 2000/XP build a stack of physical, filter and functional devices for each PnP device. Your software for a PnP device can malfunction due to a third-party software installed on the computer. IrpTrace can help you to locate such kind of problems.
Investigate interaction of software components

In some cases developer need to investigate communication protocol of existing software (driver - application, driver - driver). If protocol is a sequence of I/O requests (for example, device control, internal device control, read and write requests), IrpTrace can help to do it.

The list of I/O requests IrpTrace will watch for can be specified by:

* Name of driver that is owner of IRP request target device
* Name of target device
* Name of module which is sending IRP request
* Name / ID of PnP device

Information about IRP request includes:

* Name of request
* Name and address of target device
* Completion status
* Address of code that sent the request
* IRQL, process name and ID of thread that sent the request
* Address of procedure that completed request
* Detailed information about input and output parameters of request (if any)
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