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Tool name: IIDKing
Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)
Author: SantMat                        
Current version: 2.01
Last updated: November 2004
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: IIDKing allows you to add/remove imports to/from ANY PE file's import table, thereby
eliminating the need to have to do LoadLibrary then GetProcAddress.

Whats New:
-Added the ability to add an unlimited number of DLL(s) and their
corresponding Function(s) to the target exe.

-You can now run IIDKing an unlimited number of times on any given target and
IIDKing will only ever use ONE section called ".IIDKING" in your target. Old
versions of IIDKing required more.

-When you run IIDKing on a target that has already been modified via IIDKing
v1/v2 it will notify you of this fact and subsequently load the previously
added DLL(s)/Function(s) into the IIDKing dialog. This allows you to re-run
IIDKing for the purpose of removing or adding to past import additions to
your targets.

-Added an easy to use interface for adding DLL(s)/Function(s) in the form of a
list dialog. You simply select the DLL filename as you wish and it will list
all it's available exports for you to choose from. Leaves no room for case
sensitive or spelling errors when adding DLL(s)/Function(s).

-IIDKing v2 is much more intuitive in handling user actions and hence can be
kept open and used continuously on the same target or any given number of
targets. No need to restart IIDKing ever.
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