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IDR - Interactive Delphi Reconstructor

Tool name: IDR - Interactive Delphi Reconstructor
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Author: Crypto                        
Current version: 2.5.3 beta
Last updated: November 17, 2010
Direct D/L link:
License type: freeware
Description: IDR (Interactive Delphi Reconstructor) – a decompiler of executable files (EXE) and dynamic libraries (DLL), written in Delphi and executed in Windows32 environment.

The program firstly is intended for the companies, engaged by development of anti-virus software. It can also help programmers to recover lost source code of programs appreciably.

The current version of the program can process files (GUI and console applications), compiled by Delphi compilers of versions Delphi2 – Delphi2009. Working on support version Delphi2010 is conducted.

Final project goal is development of the program capable to restore the most part of initial Delphi source codes from the compiled file but IDR, as well as others Delphi decompilers, cannot do it yet. Nevertheless, IDR is in a status considerably to facilitate such process. In comparison with other well known Delphi decompilers the result of IDR analysis has the greatest completeness and reliability. Moreover interactivity does work with the program comfortable and (we shall not be afraid of this word) pleasant.

IDR make static analysis (analyzed file is not loaded to memory and executed) that allows to safely investigate viruses, trojans and other malware applications, those executing is dangerous or is not desirable.

The program does not demand installation and does not do any records in Windows register.
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Still in development

Note that this tool is still in development, announced as a Delphi decompiler it is not yet capable of retriveing Delphi code.

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