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Tool name: HideToolz
Rating: 3.0 (2 votes)
Author: Ms-Rem                        
Current version: 2.2
Last updated: October 3, 2009
Direct D/L link:
License type: Free
Description: This is version 2.2 of HideToolz. Version 2.1 did not work on Windows Vista SP1 or higher. I have modified the device driver so HideToolz now works on Vista SP1 through Windows 7 RTM.


- - -

HideToolz is a configurable GUI based utilility that allows hiding of RCE tools from annoying detection (such as Themida). It does so by kernel mode driver which hooks functions such as NtQueryInformationProcess, NtSetContextThread, NtQuerySystemInformation, NtOpenProcess, NtOpenThread, etc... allowing you to debug 'protected' applications easily.

Features include:

Hide Processes
Protect Processes
Hide Windows
Protection from Windows hooks
Emulation of partent process (sets parent pid of target PID to explorer.exe).
Anti-Anti debug features.

Runs very stable under Windows XP through Windows 7 (x86 only). Please be aware some anti-virus detections HideToolz driver as a rootkit - this is basically correct, except HideToolz contains no payload, does not access any network api, etc... if you doubt, disasm the driver yourself.
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Windows 7 64bit Error

It seems that on 64bit it does not work :( Driver Load Error: 0xC000036B Is there any fix for this problem ? Thanks

X64 Users


HideToolz does not work under any X64 version of Windows.

Solutions for process hiding under X64 Windows versions are impractical and not worth the effort... =\


Importance of 64 bit comparability

No offense to staff that created this tool, but a lot of gamers use your product and most high-end gaming rigs are 64bit OS' to get more out of their system squeezing that extra 2-4gb of ram. Though it is unstable to my knowledge. For example Alienware is one of the leading computers in gaming and going through customization or pre-made rigs it will only offer 64bit OS'. Also the average user will not have the money for a virtual machine to use as an alternative to your product. Weather you do work on it is entirely your choice i'm just putting it out there.

using command line to run the hidetoolz

Is there any way to run the hide process task by command line. For example: If want to hide abcde.exe program, just run the command hidetoolz abcde.exe

Thanks, Nicholas

Re: Importance of 64 bit comparability

I made x64 hide process tool some months ago:


Link of hidex64 doesn't work. I can't dl it XD. Any other link for it?

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