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General Rules

This library is what its users make it, and thus it is very important to have some ground rules for everyone to follow.

The breaking of any of these rules can and will result in immediate banning, without any warning shots being fired.

  • Rules regarding uploading of tool binaries to the library:
    • NEVER EVER upload commercial or otherwise non-free tools, they will be immediately removed! (abandonware might be ok though, and will be judged on a case-by-case basis)
    • NEVER upload any tools that have their own (stable/working) official download location/website etc, they will be removed.
    • Only ZIP and RAR uploads are allowed, all other uploads will fail.
    • Summary: Only free and hard-to-come-by tools can be uploaded, otherwise just link to the official D/L location!
  • Rules regarding tool submission in general:
    • Only serious submissions of tools that you think are good or unique to their field are allowed. All kinds of biased advertising of crap products is prohibited.
    • Only submissions of RCE related tools are allowed. All other kinds of tools, or even worse spam, is strictly prohibited.
  • Rules regarding tool editing:
    • Only serious edits of tools are allowed. All kinds of biased advertising of crap products is prohibited.
    • It is only allowed to add information (in the description of) a tool, never to remove it. It is allowed to correct spelling errors, grammatical errors, formulation errors or apparent fact errors or outdated information though. In all other cases, the tools should just be reported to the admins, which will make the decision about removing any questionable information (see below).
  • Rules regarding reporting of pages:
    • All user-editable pages (i.e. individual tool pages) have a "report this page" link at the very bottom of the page. Please use this link to report all pages that either contain any kind of spam, or that have been vandalized in any way (please report this even if you attempt to restore the vandalized information, since things may have been deleted that you cannot restore yourself).
    • If a page contains any information that you think is wrong, but you're not 100% sure, please report this page too, it will be much appreciated. Do NOT edit any such information if you are not 100% sure about it's incorrectness though!