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Tool name: Fresh
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: John Found                        
Current version: 2.1.8
Last updated: February 17, 2014
Direct D/L link:
License type: EUPL, BSD
Description: Fresh is a visual assembly language IDE with built-in FASM assembler.

The main goal of Fresh is to make programming in assembly as fast and efficient as in other visual languages, without sacrificing the small application size and the raw power of assembly language.

As long as Fresh IDE is targeted for development of big assembly language projects it has a powerful set of source code browsing, navigation and cross reference tools that greatly improve the development speed.

Also, the recent versions of Fresh IDE work in Windows and Linux and allows development and testing of Linux and Windows applications on any of these OSes. That is the programmer can create, debug and run Linux applications in Windows and Windows applications in Linux.

Because Fresh is the logical continuation of the FASM project in the area of visual programming, it is perfectly compatible with FASM and you can use all your knowledge about FASM to program in Fresh.

Of course, you can use Fresh not only for Windows programming, but also to create programs for any OS that FASM supports - DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, MenuetOS - the same way as you do this in FASM.

FreshLib is a Fresh standard library, that consists of macros and code, allowing creation of portable assembly programs, compilable for any of the supported platform (currently Win32, Linux and KolibriOS) from the same source.

Related URLs:
A short movie demonstrating portable assembly programming with Fresh IDE.:

Screenshot of Fresh

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