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Tool name: FileInsight
Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)
Author: McAfee / Secure Computing                        
Current version: 2.1
Last updated: August 20, 2009
Direct D/L link:
License type: Freeware
Description: Opening Files
FileInsight allows to open files for analysis both directly from the local harddisk, using the Open toolbar button, or by typing a URL into the Web toolbar and clicking the Get button. Files are displayed in either textual or hexadecimal format, which can be toggled easily via the View as Hex and View as Text toolbar buttons.

Navigating Binary Files
C/C++ data structure declarations (also see Structure Declarations on MSDN) can be directly imported into FileInsight. Simply click the Open toolbar button in the Structures window and choose the .h file to be opened. Using such data structures can significantly simplify navigating through binary file formats, such as the Windows Animated Cursor File Format (also see Icons in Win32 on MSDN):

struct ANIHeader {
DWORD cbSizeOf; // Num bytes in AniHeader
DWORD cFrames; // Number of unique Icons
DWORD cSteps; // Number of Blits
// ...

The Go To dialog allows not only to go to an absolute offset (or line, in text view mode), but also to jump relatively from the current position.

Analyzing Data
The Values window displays different interpretations of the data at the current cursor position. A toolbar button allows to toggle between Little-Endian and Big-Endian byte order.

When placing the cursor at a position that contains IA-32 machine code (also see Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manuals), the Disassembly window shows the disassembled code starting at (and relative to) the current offset.

Modification of a file's content can be automated using the builtin JavaScript support (also see A re-introduction to JavaScript). Modification using the setByteAt() script method is performed directly in the opened document.
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A brief tutorial to use FileInsight:

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