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Tool name: DXWnd
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: Nightwolve                        
Website: N/A
Current version: 1.20
Last updated:
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Freeware
Description: Quote from readme:

"Want to force a game or application into windowed mode that doesn't support it through its own interface? Now you can, to an extent. Results will vary depending on how your DirectX application was written."

DirectX (D3D) applications are usually written to use full screen mode for their display. This makes debugging and target analysis difficult due to specific DirectX considerations. DXWnd attempts to force a D3D app to use windowed mode, making it much easier for reversers to work with.

This app can't always force a full screen D3D app into windowed mode, however it is quick and easy to try. If this tool fails for you it's still perfectly possible to manually force windowed mode in your target. Search the Woodmann forum for further information.
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There are two different programs with this name, and similar functionality!

The other DXWnd tool can be found at the following URL, and the author is Skywing:

That program (i.e. the Skywing DXWnd) is a completely different program, not sharing any code whatsoever with the DXWnd by NightWolve, and the Skywing version is also older (supporting only DirectX <= 7) and different in other ways too.

With Skywing's own words:

 DxWnd is primarily concerned with programs that use DirectDraw <= 7,
 with some experimental Direct3D support that somebody else contributed
 to me. In my experience, most newer (D3D) games almost universally
 support windowed mode; it was really just the older 2D apps using
 DirectDraw that tended to be lazy and not support windowed mode, at least
 of the games that I played.
I started on the project with Starcraft as the then-available drivers for the laptop that I was using at the time had an irritating bug that caused them to tend to lose the ability to change resolutions without rebooting, and I got tired of having to do so for games that insisted on running at 640x480 fullscreen.

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