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Tool name: dUP
Rating: 5.0 (2 votes)
Author: diablo2oo2                        
Current version: 2.26.1
Last updated: December 21, 2012
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free
Description: diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher - [dUP]

Probably the most capable patcher/loader creator out there...

Some recent version history

-bugfix in [text patch] module
-bugfix: plugins did not work with "/silent" paramenter
-bugfix: patching used files did not work with "/silent" paramenter

-added large file support for search & replace module
-patchercode now is stored in a DLL
-updated BeaEngine.dll (4.1 rev 172)
-fixed: backup files for [attached file] module
-added new filetime plugin
-added new log message plugin
-added new backup switch plugin
-added new find next file plugin
-fixed: patcher with plugins now can be packed
-new option to run patcher after creation
-new query option in [file check] module: check for write access
-show jump destination of [event] module in patchdata list
-fixed crash when open dUP2 project with large filename
-auto backup unsaved projects
-improved save system
-minor fixes

-bugfix: open files in sharemode
-new disassembler engine: BeaEngine
-improved search & replace comparison
-plugin dlls are loaded now on patcher startup
-updated plugin development kit
-added option to turn off backup by default

-improved compatibility for windows 2000
-usage of reg.exe instead of regedit.exe for registry patching
-added regular expressions (PCRE) support to [Text Patch] module
-added regular expressions (PCRE) support to [Registry Check] module
-added new plugin "Check Windows Version"

-fixed music playback bug
-fixed bug: open *.dUP2 files with dup2.exe
-fixed bug: crash when option "do not check original bytes" is enabled
-fixed bug: commandline parameter "/startupworkdir" did not work
-any bytepattern format will be accepted when it is pasted
-added plugin support
-added ASLR support
-added DLL patching support for the loader

-added console output for patcher
-fixed bug in "silent" mode
-fixed bug when using "multi-wildcard-mode"
-new option to fix the CheckSum in PE Header after patching
-more detailed patchlog
-removed "xmstrip"
-added console command (/setvar) for setting %dup2_cmd_var%
-new logo (thank you kr8Vity!)
-new menu structure

-new option to keep original file time and date
-new option to disable the WOW64 File System Redirector (for 64 Bit Patching)
-new option to import multiple file attachments
-new: tooltip for bytepattern shows now also the ASCII text of the bytepattern
-bugfix: inline patching should now also work on windows 7
-bugfix: improved inline patching method
-text patch: single wildcards (?) will not be cut out any longer at end and begin of the 'Find Text'
-added new "Registry Check" module
-improved access to 64 Bit registry (small bugfix)
-improved menu structure of dup2 gui (adding patchdata is now easier)
-bugfix: crash when open project

-added wildcard support for textpatch module
-windowresize bugs fixed
-minimize patcherwindow with rightmouseclick
-added new "Event" module for patcher. Now you can programm your patcher!
-added new "File Check" module for patcher
-bugfixes in textpatch module
-bugfix: executing attached files
-bugfix: problem with nested environment variables
-bugfix: tooltips will be shown without flicker effect on windows 7
-bugfix: increased pattersize limit for search & replace compare module
-fix: remove quotation marks from paths when reading fom registry

-new "Text-Patch" module !
-bugfix in s&r compare module
-other bugfixes from v2.18
-added linkcursor in patcherwindow
-registry editor now can import v5 reg files
-faster scrolltext engine
-better scrolltext font management
-new function: import long hexpatterns in offset-patch-dialog
-fixed loader_installer bug
-added support for relative paths (subfolders) for the targetfiles
-search & replace comments bugfix
-loader: registrypatcher bugfix
-added new internal environment variable: %dup2_last_path%
-skincontrols now can have transparent backgroundcolor (FFFFFFFF)
-now you can execute multiple search&replace loaders from same directory

-replaced WinExec API by ShellExecute for Windows Vista
-bugfix in Dialog for editing S&R Pattern Occurrence
-added check for skin button IDs
-improved window resizing engine
-added option "trim to path" for Registry Paths
-loader can save now targetfilepath to inifile when its not in same folder
-added TitchySID player for .sid file playback
-added new option for attached files: overwrite existing file
-added support for disabled patch button skin
-added multilanguage support
-fixed bug with tooltip width. long hexpatterns are displayed now in multiple lines
-compiled with new MASM v10
-bugfix when executing attached files
-bugfix for resource (skin) updater
-strings for patcher.exe can be modifed now inside a skin

-improved dup2 plugin for ollydbg v1.10
-long comments for search&replace patchdata now possible
-new v2m player (vista compatible) from
-use targetfile information from s&r dialog in CheckOccurrence Dialog
-added function "back to releaseinfo" in patcher logbox
-bug fixed on vista systems with music playback
-"patch" button will be disabled after patching
-some fixes in projectconverter (for old v1.x dup projects)
-changed handling with unresolved environment variables
-original bytes not saved to compiled patcher when
"dont't check original bytes" option is enabled
-fixed bug when saving columnswidth of listviews
-new for Attached File: delete file after execute
-new for Attached File: wait for process
-added support for PECompact (optional commandline settings)
-manifest in resource is now avaible by default
-patcher: last used filepath will be stored inside %dup2_last_file% environment variable
-removed the ugly "flicker"-effect on bitmap buttons
-improved dumping (open projects from patcher.exe)
-advanced registry patching (usage of placeholders)
-changes in bitmapbutton code (please only use new
button names: BTN_PATCH_OVER ...)
-added fade in/out effect for patcher
-problem with the patchers topmost windows fixed
-removed option from settings dialog: dup file association
-important bugfix in loadercode (patching of protected memory)
-added option for registry patches: resolve environment variables
-fixed bug for musicplayback with bassmod.dll
-added textscroller feature
-fill patchinfdialog with default info only when new project is created
-and many more...
Related URLs:
Ukrainian site that also offers v2.25 (last version that supports open dUP-patch.exe as project):

Screenshot of DUP

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