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Comrade's PE Tools

Tool name: Comrade's PE Tools
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Author: Comrade                        
Current version:
Last updated: July 31, 2008
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Free / Open Source
Description: * Inject Tool

Inject is a tool that injects a DLL into a running process. Its command-line usage is as follows:

1. Inject C:\hook.dll into pid 1234: inject.exe 1234 C:\hook.dll
2. Inject C:\hook.dll into process notepad.exe (if multiple notepads are running, then whichever one is picked is undefined): inject.exe -p *notepad.exe C:\hook.dll
3. Inject C:\hook.dll into running process C:\myprogram.exe: inject.exe -p C:\myprogram.exe C:\hook.dll
4. Inject C:\hook.dll into process with a window named "Untitled - Notepad": inject.exe -w "Untitled - Notepad" C:\hook.dll
5. Inject C:\hook.dll into process with a window class Notepad: inject.exe -c Notepad C:\hook.dll

Note that in all uses, you should specify the full path to the injected DLL.

* Loader Tool

Loader is a tool that injects a DLL before launching a process. Its command-line usage is as follows:

1. Load notepad.exe and inject C:\hook.dll into it: loader.exe notepad.exe C:\hook.dll

Note that you should specify the full path to the injected DLL.

* Patch Tool

Patch is a tool that adds a new section to the executable. The new section becomes the new entrypoint, and contains code to load a particular DLL, and then jump back to the original entrypoint. This can be used to create static patches that behave similar to the Loader tool.
The tool's command-line usage is as follows:

1. Patch original.exe to load C:\hook.dll before execution; save the patched executable to patched.exe: patch.exe original.exe patched.exe C:\hook.dll

* Reimport Tool

Reimport is a tool that redirects certain entries of an executable's import table to another DLL. For example, running reimport.exe game.exe newgame.exe nocd.dll kernel32.dll::GetDriveTypeA kernel32.dll::CreateFileA kernel32.dll::GetVolumeInformation will create a copy of game.exe into newgame.exe, with the above 3 API functions rerouted to nocd.dll, instead of kernel32.dll. That means newgame.exe would import GetDriveTypeA, CreateFileA, and GetVolumeInformation from nocd.dll instead of kernel32.dll.
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