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Codename ASLAN (4514N)

Tool name: Codename ASLAN (4514N)
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Author: Piotr Bania                        
Current version: (not yet released)
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License type: Free
Description: I'm currently working on my masterpiece project (school project), a first gui oriented and the most advanced integrating-metamorphic engine so far. Integration engine allows user to integrate any code to any PE binary file (x86 processors), including device drivers etc. etc. 4514N engine can rebuild all the PE
structure, internal offsets (jumps,refferences), any type of PE sections relocs, imports, exports, resources...), moreover it even can keep the align of variables.

Integration means that firstly target file is disassembled to pieces (it creates a chain which connects the body of target file), then we move that chain, we do everything we want (i call this step InverseKinematics, just because i'm an 3d graphics hobbyst) and then we compile the chain again. Such horrible modified application runs perfectly, moreover it is almost impossible to disinfect the modified target. So tell me, do you want to compile a rootkit inside of yours ndis.sys? :)

I don't want to speak much about the metamorphic engine since it is not 100% ready yet. But the main thing you should know it is mostly based on the emulation process (and as far as i know it is the first metamorphic engine which does so), and many of the muation states are based on the Automaton Theory (which inspired me a lot). Lets consider the rest of the features as an future surprise :)
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