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CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer

Tool name: CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer
Rating: 5.0 (1 vote)
Author: AMD                        
Current version: 2.94
Last updated: July 18, 2009
Direct D/L link:
License type: Free
Description: This tool works without having any source code or debug information for the analyzed program, which makes it very good for reversing purposes.

See the following for more info:

The AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer is a suite of powerful tools that analyzes software performance on AMD microprocessors. These tools are designed to support Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows 2003 and Vista® distribution on x86 and AMD64 architectures. Although most users will choose the Graphical User Interface, the profiler is also offered as a command line utility to facilitate the use in batch files.

* System-Wide Profiling : CodeAnalyst is designed to profile the performance of binary modules, including user mode application modules and kernel mode driver modules. Timer-Based Profiling and Event-Based Profiling collect data from multiple processors in a multi-processor system.

* Timer-Based Profiling (TBP) :
o The application to be optimized is run at full speed on the system that is running CodeAnalyst. EIP samples are collected at predetermined intervals and can be used to identify possible bottlenecks, execution penalties, or optimization opportunities.
o On APIC enabled systems, the finest time resolution is 0.1ms and 1.0ms non-APIC enabled systems.

* Event-Based Profiling (EBP) : CodeAnalyst EBP is designed to profile the hardware performance events on AMD Athlon™, AMD Athlon™ XP, AMD Opteron™, AMD Athlon™ 64 and AMD “Barcelona” (AMD Family 10h). With event multiplexing technique, CodeAnalyst EBP is able to profile more than 4 events simultaneously.

* Instruction-Based Sampling (IBS) : Instruction-based Sampling is a new performance measurement technique supported by AMD Barcelona (Family 10h) processors. IBS has these advantages:
o IBS precisely associates hardware event information with the instructions that cause the events. A data cache miss, for example, is associated with the AMD64 instruction performing the memory read or write operation that caused the miss.
o IBS collects a wide range of hardware event information in a single measurement run.
o IBS collects new information such as retire delay and data cache miss latency.

* Call Stack Sampling (CSS) : Combining with TBP or EBP, Call Stack Sampling is able to collect data on caller-callee relationship on the hotspots.

* Pipeline Simulation : Used during the second stage of an optimization effort to find the causes of bottlenecks. During simulation, application execution is first traced, and then simulated on a selected target processor. The detailed data on the execution of each instruction takes into account the previous instructions executed and the state of the processor caches. Simulation only supports single processor execution.

Pipeline Simulation supports the simulation of 32-bit code on:
o AMD Athlon™ XP processor
o AMD Opteron™ processor
o AMD Athlon™ 64 processor

Pipeline Simulation also supports the simulation of 64-bit code on:
o AMD Opteron™ processor
o AMD Athlon™ 64 processor

* Thread Profile : CodeAnalyst thread profiling views show the thread chart and non-local memory access.

* Post Process : CodeAnalyst shows sample distribution without module debug information.
o Interpret performance measurements rather than display raw performance data
o Flexible view configuration and management

This tool reportedly only works for AMD processors, while its Intel counterpart is the VTune Performance Analyzer.
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Screenshot of CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer

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