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CheckSum Fixer

Tool name: CheckSum Fixer
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Author: Shub-Nigurrath                        
Current version: 1.0
Last updated: January 5, 2006
Direct D/L link:
License type: Free
Description: The PE files headers include a CheckSum field which is located into the

This value is an overall checksum of the whole file, often not set and left to 0x0000 by most compilers and thus doesn't happens often to worry about it, but sometimes this value is used to check if there have been alterations in the executable file.
There is for example an API, MapFileAndCheckSum(), which calculates the real checksum of a PE file and reports also the value stored into the PE Header. It is then simple for simple protectors to detect alterations of a PE file, even of a single byte.

It's a simple technique that advanced protector doesn't use too often and you can of course intercept this API and modify it online or skip its call, but for example with PocketPC smartphones or system drivers this check is done by the operative system, so you simply have no choice to intercept this check and the only way is to fix the value stored in the PE file header.

This program simply does this conveniently. Already other tools have this functionality (LordPE for example), but I just wanted a fast program able to fix this checksum in a click (e.g. with LordPE you have to do at least 5, 6 clicks).

It is very handy with ring0 drivers which test this checksum value!
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