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Needs New Category

If you think there is some category missing in this library (i.e. you know about a good tool, pre-existing in the library or not, that would fit such a category), this is the category for you!

You SHOULD submit a new (or add an existing) tool to this category if:

  • You know about a good tool that is NOT already available in the entire library, AND you think it cannot be described/covered completely by the already existing categories of the library.
  • You know about a good tool that is already available in the library, BUT you think there should be a new (currently not existing) category created to be able to fully describe it.

You should NOT submit a new (or add an existing) tool to this category if:

  • You know about a good tool that is NOT already available in the entire library, BUT, it can be described/covered completely by the already existing categories of the library (in that case simply submit it directly to those categories instead!).
  • You know about a good tool that is already available in the library, BUT you think it should be listed in an additional already existing category (in that case simply edit the existing tool directly, and from the tool's options, add it to the additional existing category/categories of your choice).

If you submit or add a tool to this category, please make really sure to add a request + motivation for the new category that you think should be created for it! This should be done at the very bottom of the "Description" field for the submitted tool. If no such request + motivation is supplied, the tool will be deleted/removed without any further action!

All tools submitted or added to this category (containing a proper request + motivation as described above) will be moved to the appropriate category/categories by admins as soon as possible, and any suggested new category/categories will also be created for it (if your suggestion + motivation is valid of course).

Tool name: JABi (Just Another Bin2inc)
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: PsYcHoCoDe                        
Website: N/A
Current version: 0.0a
Last updated: April 20, 2012
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: Freeware
Description: -> What's NEW in v.0.0a:
+ SYNTAX: the D programming language now supported :P
+ SYNTAX: Windows Registry Entry
+ Added: lil' bit better documented plugin sample and SDK...
+ Added: CRC32 internal function is now accessible for use in your plugins ;)
- Bugfix: tiny C syntax problem...
Enjoy! ;)

-> JABi is a binary file to source include file generator. The 'syntaxes' are the supported output formats >:)

*** Why could i possibly need ANOTHER tool for this job?!
-> JABi is actually *REALLY FAST* and *TINY* (pure ASM code), totally commandline driven (to use it in your compilation scripts), has support for Pre/PostProcessing PLUGINS! and currently supports MASM/TASM/FASM, C, NASM, D language and Windows Registry Entry Syntaxes. I'm planning on expanding the 'supported syntax' list, depending on your feedback, of course, any suggestions are encouraged ;)

*** You said something about pre/postprocessing plugins -> now what the hell is that?!
-> These plugins are actually DLLs, so one could easily expand his JABi features :P Preprocessors receive control just before the actual dumping of the binary file to the memory, while postprocessors execute right after the dumping to memory! So basically, the coder has the full control over what is getting dumped and how it's gonna look in the end of the process >:) The only limit is the coder's imagination actually :P

*** That sound's nice, actually... So, how do I create a new *Processor?!
-> I've included a lil' SDK in the package. It's done in MASM32, but i'm ready to include user contributed SDK's in the package, any ports of the SDK will be appreciated. I just code mostly asm.

*** Are combined plugins a supported option?! (PREPROCESSOR+POSTPROCESSOR=Single Plugin)
-> Yep, they sure ARE supported. However, if you specify such a combined plugin only as a POSTPROCESSOR on the command line, it's PREPROCESSING phase WILL NOT BE executed, and vice versa. If one want's to use BOTH processor phases, he MUST supply BOTH PRE and POST parameter @ the command line the given plugin's name. Actually the plugin example, bundled with the SDK is such a combined processor ;)

*** I LiKE the tool! How could I assist in the further development?
-> You could send plugins you've developed, send samples of other syntaxes, that aren't currently supported by JABi, so i am able to further expand the list... I'm open to any kind of support and ideas on this tiny project.

PS: I believe there's need for a new category for this kind of tools (binary/source embedders maybe, just an idea), since they're must-have for anyone, who digs selfmodifying code, be it a software protectionist, reverse engineer or whatever. The problem comes, when one get's to need one of those, since there're plenty of 'solutions' in the field, but almost none of them is actually suitable for such coder's needs... :/ That was actually why I coded this one... I hope you'll like it...
Also listed in: Assemblers, Code Snippet Creators, Installer Tools, Patch Packaging Tools, Source Code Tools, Specific by Compiler, Tool Extensions
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Tool name: scdbg
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: David Zimmer                        
Current version:
Last updated: March 30, 2012
Direct D/L link: Locally archived copy
License type: free
Description: scdbg is a shellcode analysis application built around the libemu emulation library. When run it will display to the user all of the Windows API the shellcode attempts to call.

Additions include:
100+ new api hooks, 5 new dlls, interactive debug shell, memory dumping, rebuilt PEB, SEH support, support for file format exploits, support for return address scanners, memory monitor, report mode, dump mode, easily human readable outputs, log after xx capabilities, directory mode, inline analysis of process injection shellcode and more...

Builds are available for Windows (native), Cygwin, and *nix variants.

See tool web page for more details.

New catagory Request: Shellcode Analysis

While other categories describe functions of this tool, its a really specialized niche field.
Not many people know specialized tools exist for it, a category of its own (probably
within the Malcode Analysis section?) would help people find it. I can think of two other applications to link into this new section. (libemu and sclog) and maybe shellcode_2_exe
Also listed in: API Monitoring Tools, Automated Unpackers, Debuggers, Malware Analysis Tools, Monitoring Tools
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Tool name: SplashIt v1.0
Rating: 0.0 (0 votes)
Author: CondZero                        
Current version: 1.0
Last updated: January 1, 2014
Direct D/L link:
License type: Multi: The Code Project License Author's individual copyright notices Creative Commons license CC 3.0 GNU General Public License
Description: SplashIt is a graphics tool, designed by a developer for developers and novices alike, that can quickly integrate and generate a splash screen for your application. You can also use the splashlite dll module to quickly create Gdi+ bitmaps in your applications. It can also be used as a standalone tool to open, view, crop, edit, draw, display, print and save graphic image files that are supported by the Windows Imaging Component (WIC). This is a derivative work in progress "Proof of Concept" tool (and would not have been possible in its current form were it not for the contributions of others, see Credits) written in C/C++ that can be expanded upon, used in part or it's entirety in another application. You can use the included splash.dll / splashlite.dll files in your application to generate splash images. You can use the included SplashIt.exe file and included image files to supplement your graphics imaging needs. An included VS2005 Splashbin project folder can be used as a template for creating your own splash application. What separates this tool from others is that it utilizes the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) integrated with a substantial amount of GDI+ v1.0 and the UpdateLayeredWindow API which allows for images seemingly to float on your desktop window. It also uses layered windows to display selection operations.

Splash screens can say a lot about your application. Splash screens typically serve to enhance the look and feel of an application or web site, and hence are often visually appealing, and may also have animations, graphics and sound. They can be funny, animated, small, large, etc... but keep in mind that the general idea is to throw them up on the desktop window as quick as possible.

Developers Note: End users running on WinXP SP2 need to obtain and install, at a bare minimum, the MSDN WIC codec pack.

Key features

Generate a splash screen for your custom application, quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks
New, Open, Edit, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste as new image, Draw, Crop, Resize, Rotate, Shear, Zoom, Print, Scan, Select, Save image files, and more...
Splash Dll support
Standalone SplashIt Exe support
Splashbin VS2005 project application for developing your own splash screen application
Easily integrates a splash screen into an application using a limited amount of code
Alphablending (transparency) 0 to 100% including fadein / fadeout
Over 40 different Linear / nonlinear filters that utilize the GDI+ matrix (support for 3x3 and 5x5 matrices) and special effects
Custom textures / effects
Scan Image Support via EZTwain Classic provides very easy access to basic TWAIN services to import images into the application
Hotkeys, toolbar menu and menu support
Restoration module including (Fast Fourier Transform) High / Low Pass filters, support for kernel (point spread function) deblurring including deblurring filters (Wiener, Maximum Likelihood, Jansen Van Cittert and Total Variation with regularization), state-of-the-art color balancing filters, image denoising and image inpainting capabilities.
Color options (contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, tint, balance, gamma, etc. )
Over a dozen different text format options with Font, style, full color attributes, including support for selection, relative text pixel position, horizontal, vertical, shear and angle text orientations
Designate any one of the more than 1,000,000 colors available as a transparency (Region) color
Animated Gif support for gif spec "Gif89a" up to 128 frames
Animation support for 12 custom slide effects
Three different selection methods to choose from: rectangle, ellipse and freehand including zoom selection
Preview mode for filters, effects, color, text, redeye, restoration and texture
1 level of undo / redo
Unicode compliant, support files up to 1000 characters in length
Full printing support includes page and print setup, preview and print dialogs
Multiple frame support for .tif, .png, and .gif files which support more than one frame per image. You can view, alter and independently save any frame to a file
Drag & Drop support
Window's Explorer context menu shell open command support

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